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Global Gaming Expo, Las Vegas


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The Problem

The requirement for a digital interactive, gamified piece of engaging digital content to engage visitor’s to the 2019 Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas.

Our Solution

Acquires in-house designers and developers worked to create a fun, interactive, engaging piece that enabled individuals to take photobooth style selfies with the King of ‘Rock n Roll’, Elvis. The bespoke piece was created to entice visitors to select a pose and wait for the ‘Kings’ arrival before creating a selfie and sending it directly to their smartphone. The solution also provided data capture opportunities to create reports around the number of interactions, downloaded images, engagement details, and more.

The Process

Incorporating the gamified content onto existing digital kiosks across 32 retail destinations across the US, enabled individuals and groups to interact with the game during their visits. Acquire Digital Wayfinder SmartHub Software was used to assist the collection and reporting of data.


A fun and engaging gamified photobooth with content that highlights the capabilities of the type of interaction that can be achieved. Transferable and relevant to a wealth of industry settings, raising a greater understanding of, how through the creative use of technologies, you can transform ‘Digital Directories’ & ‘Kiosks’ into ‘SmartHubs’.

  • Increased visitor interactions

  • Enhanced visitor experience

  • Data collection & reporting

  • Relevant, engaging and interactive content

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