Digitalize your property and allow visitors to easily navigate indoor and outdoor spaces.

Digitalize your property and allow visitors to easily navigate indoor and outdoor spaces.

Digitalize your property and allow visitors to easily navigate indoor and outdoor spaces.

3D map creation

Digitize your property.

Easily convert your CADs, leasing plans, or existing map files into clear, beautiful, & accurate 3D models.

Website examples
Website examples
Website examples

Digitize your maps

We take your existing maps and tailor 3D models to match your exact requirements.

Add destinations

Select locations to add names, logos, opening hours and more.

Design the routes

Add paths, stairs, doors, escalators, etc. to route to every destination.

intelligent wayfinding

Navigate with ease.

Wayfinder uses smart algorithms to route users in the most efficient way, taking time, elevation and access in to account.

Website examples
Website examples
Website examples

The easiest path

Navigate accross multiple buildings, floors and transit types.

Smart Routing

Steer people around congested areas, or route closures.

Mobility Sensitive

Users can request stepless and easy access routes.

Data Driven

Connect your footfall monitoring to give hyper-accurate walking times.

Transit Aware

Show live updates for shuttles, buses and local transit, and even include them in directions.

Opening Hours

Don't route people to closed destinations, show status updates and offer alternatives.

customised UI

Control the entire experience.

Change the colors, typefaces, icons sets, menus and buttons. We even offer a completely bespoke option.

Touch friendly interface

Our UI is specially designed to work great on any size touchscreen.

Bring your branding

Tailor the experience with your own logo, brand colours and design language.

Slick and responsive

Powered by our Studio Pro engine, Wayfinder runs great even on low end hardware.

content management

One source of truth.

Wayfinder allows you have complete control over your mapping experience, and retain data consistency across all channels.

3D Map Editor

Assign locations, drop in amenities and adjust routes to match physical changes.

Edit centrally, deploy globally

Your map changes are instantly sync'd across kiosks, map and mobile.

Promotions & Events

Advertise upcoming campaigns and route users accordingly.

Invite your team

Onboard your whole team, collaborate, and assign custom permissions.

Bring your own data

Wayfinder allows you to import data from your existing CMS.

Your map, your brand

Complete control over the colours, fonts, logos and categories.


More than maps.

Extend the experience by showing useful local information and promotions, live news feeds, socials, safety notices, and more.

Branded Selfies & Games

Let visitors take selfies right on the kiosk, with branded experiences to share via social media.

Live Public Information

Show live weather, traffic & travel, local news or social media updates.

Live Flight Information (FIDS)

Pull live data for departures and arrivals, and let visitors scan boarding passes for personalised results.

Live Assistance

Connect visitors directly to your helpdesk, with live video and remote control.

content publishing

Publish everywhere.

Get a consistent, responsive experience across all channels. Embed your maps and directories in your websites and mobile apps, publish to google and apple maps, and even export print-ready PDFs.

Digital Kiosks

4K ready, touch friendly interface, that works portrait or landscape.

Mobile Web App

Built-in mobile handoff from the kiosk app. Supports QR code, SMS and NFC.

Website Map Embed

Add maps directly into your website. Use our drop-in embed code or build your own.

Website Directory Embed

Add a searchable directory of destinations, and get live map previews right in the listings.

Sync to Google & Apple

Automatically sync your changes to 3rd party systems like Google or Apple Maps.

ad management

Built-in advertising.

Playing back your media screensavers or even selling advertising slots is made simple with several integration options.

Multi-zone Adverts

Show ambient content loops when the kiosk is not in use with banners and features inside the experience.

DOOH Advertising

Wayfinder is fully integrated with our DoohAd platform allowing you to easily schedule and manage promotional content.

Partner Integrations

We work with a number of incumbent ad platforms to make integrating existing partners a breeze.

hardware & software monitoring

Reactive health monitoring.

All around peace of mind for the secure management and remote support of your DOOH network.

Live Status Updates

See the status of every endpoint, with screenshots, playback status and logs.

Automatic Error Recovery

Watchdog constantly monitors the hardware and software, recovering from errors and avoiding downtime.

Remote Access

Get live remote access to your players to resolve issues and and check playback.


Partners & Integrations.

From the best hardware partners, to strategic software partners, Acquire systems integrate with the best solutions in the industry.

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