Giving you complete control of your digital signage network using any web-enabled device.

Giving you complete control of your digital signage network using any web-enabled device.

Giving you complete control of your digital signage network using any web-enabled device.


Digital Signage, made easy.

Acquire2Go is a user-friendly digital signage platform designed to simplify the creation, scheduling, playout, and management of digital signage across displays of any size. Crafted with user accessibility in mind, our platform is tailored for those without any technical background. Enjoy real-time updates from any web-enabled device, wherever you are.

content editing

Simple, familiar editing.

The intuitive drag and drop editor allows users to create digital signage templates to show various pieces of content within single or multiple display environments.

  • Easily upload any content file and drag it to correct placements on a display

  • Resize content and add text to various sections within a display

  • Full catalog of content feeds and widgets to enhance the experience


Flexible Scheduling & Playout.

Our tools are tailored for designing, scheduling, and playing out content which gives users all the tools they need to properly manage any sized signage network from anywhere.

  • Create content playlists and playout schedules with ease

  • Playback of all content types including HD playout

  • Review draft and live status of your content and channels at any time


Everything you need for success.

Easy Onboarding

Works on any digital screen, via simple installer.

Bring your team

Invite your entire team and set detailed role based permissions.

Simple Scheduling

Drag and drop your content and pages to build your playlists.

No limits

Upload as much media as you like, with no ongoing storage fees or limits.

4K and beyond

When using our playback software there are no limits on file resolution.

Sync'd Playback

Playback content on multiple separate players, sync'd over the network.

hardware & software monitoring

Reactive health monitoring.

All around peace of mind for the secure management and remote support of your DOOH network.

Live Status Updates

See the status of every endpoint, with screenshots, playback status and logs.

Automatic Error Recovery

Watchdog constantly monitors the hardware and software, recovering from errors and avoiding downtime.

Remote Access

Get live remote access to your players to resolve issues and and check playback.

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