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Leicester, UK


6 Multi-sided LED

The Problem

The brief was to increase customer engagement and dwell time at the shopping center, in collaboration with our partners ADI. The sculpture is made up of seven individual LED totems. Each totem is seven meters tall, installed in St. Peter’s Square.

Our Solution

We have produced a custom software solution to be able to play across seven led columns, to display content such as videos, images, etc. The application allows Highcross to change content instantly, this can be due to a special event.A great example of when this can be used: Leicester City Football Club won the Premier League; we were able to change the content rapidly to display the winner’s trophy.

The Process

Incorporating the gamified content onto existing digital kiosks across 32 retail destinations across the US, enabled individuals and groups to interact with the game during their visits. Acquire Digital Wayfinder SmartHub Software was used to assist the collection and reporting of data.


The beacons have become a city landmark, complimenting a wealth of local events and festivals whilst at the same time becoming a platform to showcase local content created by a mixture of local creatives, students, and community contributors.

"The Beacons, comprising of seven LED totems have created an immersive digital sculpture at Highcross Leicester, an art experience that people can genuinely engage with and a canvas to showcase seasonally relevant content."

Jo Tallack
General Manager, Highcross

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