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Shoptalk to Deploy Acquire Digital’s Wayfinding Technology at their upcoming tradeshow in Las Vegas

Mar 21, 2022

Las Vegas, NV, March 2022Acquire Digital, the global leader in digital wayfinding and location intelligence solutions, announced today that it will deploy its industry-leading Wayfinder technology at the upcomingShoptalk retail tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV.

Building upon the deployment of Acquire’s Wayfinder platform at Shoptalk’s smaller Groceryshop tradeshow in the fall, the Acquire team will continue their initial success by implementing an upgraded solution to improve visitor engagement at the upcoming retail show in Las Vegas. In collaboration with Freeman, the interactive digital mapping and show directory software will be deployed on nine 55″ interactive kiosks located at the entrance and throughout the show floor.

The goal is to create a seamless experience for tradeshow attendees by making it easy to navigate the venue’s large show floor and numerous event spaces. The digital wayfinding solution will provide visitors with an overview of the tradeshow layout with turn-by-turn directions to help locate specific exhibitors, events, and restrooms. In addition, the informational kiosk will highlight Shoptalk sponsors with engaging company information, product photos, and videos.

Acquire’s extensive background creating digital experiences within the retail space offered a great opportunity to showcase its Wayfinder platform in a tradeshow environment. In addition to wayfinding, Acquire has built many digital applications for retailers across the globe to improve the shopping experience and create an omnichannel link to online shopping.

“The Shoptalk tradeshow is a great opportunity to show how our platforms and solutions can help retailers connect with their customers in new and innovative ways,” said Neil Farr, CEO of Acquire Digital. “We’re looking forward to demonstrating how our platform can help retailers create a more seamless shopping experience for their customers, whether they are Malls, large big box stores or smaller intimate shopping environments. We are seeing an increased demand for utilizing custom wayfinding combined with data-led digital signage and endless aisle solutions within the retail markets to help bring digital transformation into their bricks and mortar locations. Additionally, new, lower cost technologies enable LED installs like the one we installed outside of the Forum Shops on the Strip as retailers adapt to make their shopping experience become a go-to destination.”



Retailers continue to look for new and innovative ways to connect with their customers. At this year’s retail tradeshow, Acquire’s team will be meeting with multiple retail companies to discuss how it’s solutions can help create a more seamless shopping experience for their customers.

“We are excited to continue the partnership with Acquire to bring innovative digital technology to augment the overall tradeshow experience,” said Ryan Hopkins, Group Head of Video and New Media at Hyve Group PLC; Shoptalk’s Parent company. “It is a great opportunity for us to showcase technology that will improve the show experience and is relatable to what future in-person retail experiences will look like.”

With the help of Acquire’s technology, Shoptalk’s tradeshow mapping solution will create a more efficient and enjoyable experience for all attendees. The show is taking place MARCH 27-30, 2022, in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV.


About Shoptalk:
Thousands of professionals attend the Shoptalk tradeshow each year from almost 3,000 established retailers and brands, startups, tech companies, investors, real estate operators, media, Wall Street analyst firms and more. They come to learn, collaborate and create the future of retail with four days of highly relevant content, curated meetings, productive networking and facilitated social engagements. The event provides a platform for retailers and manufacturers, startups, tech companies, investors, media and analysts to learn, network, collaborate and evolve.


About Acquire Digital:
Acquire Digital is a global leader in innovative digital signage software and interactive experiences. With over 23 years of experience in the visual solutions and digital signage markets, the company is known for its industry firsts. Its passion for reaching beyond the boundaries of digital signage has played a key role in shaping Acquire Digital into the globally recognized company it is today. The company produces world-class UX and UI solutions that create an interactive and immersive experience.


Looking for a Digital Wayfinding solution for your retail store? Contact Acquiretoday to learn more about how we can help you drive traffic and improve the shopper experience. Thanks for reading!

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