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Enhance the way visitors navigate complex properties with Acquire's enterprise-grade interactive solution, which includes digital directory, 2D / 3D wayfinding and mapping solution, called Wayfinder.

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The future of self-service software has arrived

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Interactive use of Acquire Digital Wayfinder on landscape screen

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Powerful Navigation with our Wayfinder Wayfinding Software

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  • Custom user-interface built around your branding
  • Easy to use user flow with built-in payment options
  • Connection to your inventory management API/STK
  • Reduce human error and labor costs while increasing revenue and data collection
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  • Custom interface built around your branding
  • Easily display pricing, promotions, and advertising
  • Remotely update pricing and content from anywhere in the world
  • Dynamic and moving content to increase sales
  • Intelligent Wayfinding and Digital Property Mapping with our Wayfinder
    Digital Directory Solutions Tailored around your venue & brand

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  • Communicate seamlessly from ordering kiosks to the kitchen team
  • Notify customers when their order is ready
  • Process food orders quickly and efficiently
  • Integrate to your existing EPOS system
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    Facility Wayfinding and Remote updating of Wayfinder
    • Remotely update content and pricing at the local or national level
    • Generate product listings and promotions for self-service kiosks
    • Automatically update product pricing
    • Easily remove out-of-stock items on kiosks or displays
    • Collect usage and product data
    • Track shoppers with built-in facial recognition to track age, gender, and ethnicity





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