LED Spectacular

The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace

Unique and mesmerising Digital Pylon LED installation Launches on the Las Vegas Strip.





Las Vegas, USA


Giant LED Pylon & 10+ LED sub panels

The Problem

Acquire Digital was chosen due to their experience with large format displays and knowledge of complex LED constructions. All content needed to be accurately lined up with pixel perfection to create a remarkable artistic structure for the thousands of people who walk past every day.

Our Solution

The sign's intricate LED structure necessitated a custom pixel mapping matrix developed by Acquire. This matrix allows for precise control of individual modules, such as the Roman-style columns and the primary advertising space. As a result, mall staff can schedule varied content for each section, all sourced from the same output.

The Pylon is distinguished by its dynamic live transitions, enabling fluid shifts between advertisements and branded content. This smooth transition is powered by Acquire’s core engine platform. Moment Factory's content sets an innovative benchmark in exterior signage design with its creation of complex architectural designs like classic Roman columns and pediments. YESCO Signs further advances the industry with its groundbreaking screen design and construction. The vibrant LED panels, supplied by YAHAM, contribute to a dazzling visual display.

For ease of control, an in-house developed custom Content Management System (CMS) is in place. This allows mall staff to readily upload and schedule content, select different columns, and synchronize the Pylon with nearby Window Screens, ensuring a captivating immersive experience.

Additionally, the LED Marquee Sign works in tandem with Window LED screens, which were installed in early 2016 in collaboration with our partner, Gable. Both utilize the same Acquire playout engine. A standout feature is the ability to overlay videos with live transitions, simplifying the scheduling of playlists. This provides a significant advantage for mall staff since there's no need for pre-rendering, facilitating swift and efficient content changes.


With this successful installation, The Forum Shops is now better equipped to capitalize on foot traffic to attract new customers to the Mall with a bright and vivid sign. It has already led to many substantial advertising contracts with high-profile brands to enable constant revenue.

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