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The Problem

Simon Property Group was looking to provide a world-class experience to shoppers and tenants by producing a quality solution for customers from before the visit, through their visit to the mall(s), and ongoing (for repeat visits).To achieve this, they were looking to standardize the solutions across all of the malls, allowing for centralized control of the solution and content management. Enabling the control sales of advertising themselves directly with the advertising agencies.

Our Solution

Together with our partners Gable we have used our highly configurable UI/UX system and customized the Wayfinder to match the branding and requirements of Simon, whilst integrating with the Simon data to avoid duplicate entry of store details through the normal Wayfinder CMS. Allowing for more than just Wayfinding, but advertising opportunities and information about offers and events to engage with the shoppers.


Features consists of a fully interactive, live 3D map, with multi-touch pinch & zoom, and several different methods to choose the destination. The map allows users to touch any store to find relevant and useful information, with animated turn-by-turn directions of the best route/s to their destination. Shoppers have the option to then send their chosen route to their mobile device by scanning a QR code, activating a built-in NFC tag or sending an SMS message to take their directions with them on the go.


The successful roll out of Wayfinder across 95 malls has now resulted in shoppers locating brands, discovering deals and sending routes direct to their mobile devices. Resulting in new opportunities for gamification, advertisement, brand interactions and return on investment.

"Simon's Interactive Directories have helped visitors to our shopping centers navigate the space and interact with brands like never before, resulting in a wealth of analytical data that's continuing to help us shape and evolve the retail experience, providing us a tremendous flexibility for crafting messages for each center."

Chip Harding
SVP of Business Development at Simon Property Group

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