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Meet Cineworld Cinemas, a global cinema chain that entertains millions of moviegoers every year.

The Challenge

Cineworld faced a significant issue: the long queues at their concessions stands were causing a drop in sales. Additionally, customers found it challenging to browse and compare deals and offers.

The Solution

We consulted with Cineworld to develop a digital ordering system, integrated with overhead menuboards. Our unique solution also seamlessly synced with their existing Point of Sale (POS) systems via our own Content Management System (CMS).


The implementation involved a strategic partnership with ATOS Worldline, combining hardware and software to deliver a complete solution. This integrated approach ensured a smooth transition, making it easy for Cineworld to manage their new digital experience.


  • Quantitative: The new system drastically improved throughput at the concessions stands, offering a high Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Qualitative: Staff found it easier to manage orders through a simplified behind-the-counter display, and customer wait times were significantly reduced.


Our digital signage solutions not only resolved Cineworld's concession sales issues but also transformed the overall customer experience. With reduced wait times and seamless integration, Cineworld can now focus on what they do best: delivering an exceptional movie-going experience.

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