Next-Generation Digital Wayfinding Solutions at AAAE 2024

Apr 26, 2024

Redefining the Future of Airports

As the air travel industry prepares to gather at the 96th Annual AAAE Conference & Exposition, we are excited to announce that, in partnership with Capital Signs, we will be exhibiting our latest advancements. The event runs from April 28 to May 1, 2024, in Nashville, United States.

We are excited to be at the cutting edge of creating immersive airport experiences. 

With a successful history of collaborative innovation, including cutting-edge projects at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and IKEA, our partnership with Capital Signs is a testament to the dynamic synergy between digital technology and bespoke smart signage solutions.

The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport project highlights our partnership's dedication to transforming airport environments, not only enhancing their navigation, engagement, and efficiency for passengers but also driving their profitability. 

The AAAE Conference 2024 offers an ideal stage to showcase these advancements and discuss further partnership opportunities, presenting our digital wayfinding system to the broader airport industry.

Our United Front: A Strategic Alliance

Why have Acquire Digital and Capital Signs joined forces?

Simple… to leverage each other's strengths and forge a path of innovative breakthroughs in airport digital experience.

Here's why our partnership is transforming airports:

Collaborative Strength

Our alliance roots in uniting Acquire Digital's expertise in software solutions with Capital Signs' expertise in hardware, installation, support, and services.

We have seamlessly married digital wayfinding with custom smart signage solutions to echo the evolving demands within the airport industry, especially the push towards sustainability and seamless passenger journeys.

This union not only meets contemporary needs but also maps out the course for future groundbreaking benchmarks, reflecting our deep understanding of the airport ecosystem's fluidity.

These achievements are a testament to our partnership's capability to transform airport operations and passenger experiences. Our initiatives represent a proactive stance towards better systemic efficiency, capturing the essence of a partnership that exceeds operational enhancement to significantly uplift the passenger experience and setting the standard for customer-focused innovation.

Together, we're tackling industry challenges head-on and pioneering innovations that significantly enhance the digital airport landscape.

Proven Track Record

Our joint ventures have already led to cutting-edge projects like the renowned Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, underlining our collaborative power and the complementary nature of our offerings.

This example highlights the union of high-tech digital navigation systems with visually appealing and practical smart signage — a mixture that distinctly elevates wayfinding, operational effectiveness, and passenger contentment.

The project at Atlanta Airport serves as tangible proof of our partnership’s strength. Integrating high-tech digital navigation kiosks with stylish and functional smart signage has significantly streamlined wayfinding and operational effectiveness, boosting passenger satisfaction. Moreover, the implementation of analytics provides invaluable insights into passenger behaviors, illustrating how our solutions pave the way for strategic enhancements in airport operations and the passenger experience across various contexts.

Combining Forces to Provide Turn-Key Solutions

Acquire Digital breaks new ground with off-the-shelf as well as bespoke software solutions that elevate wayfinding and digital signage systems. Our innovative software and platforms like the HTML Smarthub API extend wayfinding and directory capabilities beyond physical installations, reaching out to web and mobile interfaces, offering a cohesive, unified navigation experience.

Capital Signs steps in with robust hardware solutions and unmatched installation services. By ensuring the physical components of our digital signage and wayfinding systems are not only visually appealing but also functionally reliable, Capital Signs plays a crucial role in supporting the sophisticated software capabilities provided by Acquire Digital.

The Impact: Why It's a Game-Changer for Airports

The synergy between Acquire Digital and Capital Signs holds profound implications for airports, emphasizing:

Enhanced Passenger Experience

The fusion of Acquire’s intuitive wayfinding solutions with Capital Signs' signage systems essentially transforms airport navigation. This integration elevates the passenger experience to new heights, making journeys seamless, stress-free, and engaging.

Operational Efficiency and Revenue Boost

By marrying technology with design, we cater to the evolving needs of modern airports, enhancing operational efficiency. Intelligent promotions and personalized services, powered by insightful analytics, unlock deeper understandings of passenger behavior, thereby boosting both efficiency and revenue generation.

The integration of analytics with our solutions provides airports with insights into passenger behavior, offering a level of understanding that was previously impossible to achieve. 

This deep dive into the passenger experience not only underscores the tangible benefits of our interventions but also illuminates scalable strategies for enhancing airport operations and passenger satisfaction in diverse contexts.

Innovative Solutions for Contemporary Challenges

Our focus on continuous research and development—leveraging IoT, AI, and machine learning—embodies our commitment to innovation. These efforts ensure our solutions not only address current requirements but also anticipate future trends, keeping airports at the forefront of technological adoption and enhancing passenger satisfaction.

Our integrated digital solutions, particularly acclaimed for streamlining passenger navigation, are also engineered to deliver real-time notifications in cases of emergency, ensuring swift, informed responses that prioritize passenger safety and security.

Driving the Future of Airport Experiences Together

Our presence at the AAAE Conference highlights a shared commitment to sparking industry-wide progress through engagement and collective innovation. By showcasing our technological advancements and discussing potential collaborations, we aim to inspire a culture of continuous improvement and leadership within the aviation industry.

Step Into the Future at Booth #715

As we gear up for the AAAE Conference, we eagerly invite industry professionals, stakeholders, and innovators to Booth #715. This is your chance to witness how the strategic collaboration between Acquire Digital and Capital Signs is not just about overcoming today’s challenges but about shaping the future of airport travel. Discover how we blend digital precision with physical elegance to create large scale unparalleled airport experiences that are intuitive, profitable, and endlessly captivating.

Join Us in Redefining Airport Operations

Our partnership marks a significant milestone in the journey towards optimizing airport efficiency and elevating every passenger's journey. As we unite Acquire Digital’s software excellence with Capital Signs’ hardware mastery, we embark on a mission to redefine what airports can achieve.

At Booth #715, we will be showcasing the power of our innovative solutions through live demonstrations, offering you a firsthand experience of our technology. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to schedule a complimentary review of your digital infrastructure. This opportunity allows for a personalized approach to understanding how our joint solutions can specifically benefit your airport, ensuring that we can tailor our offerings to meet your unique needs and challenges.

Let's redefine the way airports operate and significantly enhance the journey for every passenger, making every interaction an opportunity for both operational excellence and passenger delight.

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