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    Digital solutions to create a better patient and visitor experience

    Our family of purpose-built self-service and digital signage solutions tailored towards healthcare facilities can help.

    Healthcare facilities and hospitals have seen increased demand for digital solutions that streamline customer service capabilities. Digital signage and self-service tools are able to help orient visitors and provide directions, improve back-office efficiency, and provide additional self-service endpoints to broadcast important announcements. Improve patient experience and see better survey scores with the addition of dynamic digital signage and self-service solutions.

    From informational displays to digital directories and check-in solutions, patients and visitors will love the convenience of being able to find the information they want at the tap of a finger. Not only that, digital wayfinding solutions use a virtual map to show them exactly how to get to their end destination.

    A suite of tools with endless

    Possibilities & deployment options

    Digital Directory & Custom Wayfinding

    Award-winning wayfinding & mapping solution built to assist patients and visitors navigate complex hospital and healthcare facilities. Custom 3D mapping of your facility allows users to search for everything from doctors' names, locations of departments or offices, and even where to get a bite to eat.

    Check-in & Bill Pay Solutions

    Acquire's self-service check-in and bill-pay software provides additional endpoints for visitors to check-in for appointments and make payments for services rendered. Includes the ability to connect to the back-end systems you already use for a streamlined experience without face-to-face interaction.

    Informational Signage

    Digital signage networks help hospitals manage important messages and advertisements. The Acquire toolset provides tools to design, control, and manage large signage networks with content management systems tailored towards healthcare facilities.

    Waiting Room Displays

    Waiting room digital signage reduces perceived wait times and entertains patients while they wait. Information such as their place in line can be displayed along with social media tickers, important updates, and educational content that primes visitors with basic info before they see their doctor.

    Self-service Appointment Booking

    A virtual appointment booking system allows patients to make their appointments using a convenient interface that displays available time slots and provides all necessary information on one screen.

    Virtual Receptionist

    Eliminate the need to have a receptionist at the front desk with a self-service kiosk to speak to a person located onsite or at a call center. Eliminates unneeded physical interactions and streamlines visitor management.

    Flexible endpoints built for

    the healthcare industry

    On-Premise Interactive or Digital Signage

    Our native application built for the healthcare and hospital sectors includes interactive kiosks, large format signage, informational signage, check-in kiosks, advertising displays, and other self-service applications. Easily control and manage all signage remotely.

    Mobile Website or Application

    The Wayfinder Mapping API can be used within a mobile website, as a standalone mobile webpage, or within a mobile application. It is designed to allow patients and visitors to take fully interactive functions and mapping with them as they navigate your facility.


    Our fully responsive API solution can easily integrate with your existing healthcare and hospital website. Full interactive capabilities include the ability to zoom, rotate, and search for gates, dining options, and retail options. Allows for full analytic capture to better understand what users are searching for.

    Integrations built for

    the systems you already use

    Designed with many pre-programmed integrations to the systems you already use for a unified experience across multiple platforms and solutions.

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