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Seemless venue and facility mapping created for a mobile and web experience. Wayfinder Mobile extends the reach of your digital experience directly to the devices visitors use most.

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Flexible venue wayfinding built for mobile & web deployments

Improve the visitor experience with a mapping and wayfinding solution built to work where you need it most.

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As indoor and outdoor properties strive to improve the visitor experience, providing an easy way to navigate and find what users are looking for is more important than ever. As people use digital maps to navigate daily tasks, venue and facility wayfinding applications are becoming the norm for retail properties, smart cities, healthcare facilities, office buildings, universities, and almost any complex property.

Acquire's Wayfinding platform built for web & mobile devices brings an industry-leading mapping application to the palm of a user's hand. Our cross-platform and flexible solution allows users to search for destinations, find indoor and outdoor routes, and important information on any mobile device or website. The API is available for use as a standalone website or can be used within your current website or mobile application.

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Intuitive mobile or web digital directory

Wayfinder for mobile and web deployments features a visually pleasing interactive mapping experience built for HTML deployments.

  • Interactive wayfinding interface tailored towards a mobile or web experience allows users to search for what they are looking for quickly
  • Dynamic scaling adjusts to any display type or size for easy deployments across all endpoints
  • Customizable interfaces include the ability to show end locations, events, deals, emergency messaging, and more

Intelligent wayfinding

Wayfinder for mobile and web has many built-in intelligent wayfinding features to drive the visitor experience and your business initiatives.

  • Customizable routing capabilities provide turn-by-turn directions
  • Configure routes for revenue-generating activities, safe routes, or ADA accessible pathways
  • Smart algorithms estimate the time it takes to get to a destination and provides recommendations for stops along the way
  • Web mapping allows users to plan multi-destination routing to find the most efficient routes when they arrive onsite
Intelligent Wayfinding and Digital Property Mapping with our Wayfinder
GIS enabled mobile venue wayfinding and mapping software

Location based service compatible maps

With location based service (LBS) compatible maps for indoor mapping capabilities, Wayfinder for Mobile and Web can give real-time location and tracking information for users to see their exact location on the property.

  • GIS (geographic information system) can connect data to a map, integrating location data with descriptive information to provide improved communications, identify problems, manage & respond to real-time events, forecast, and to understand trends.
  • Offer precise directions for visitors to navigate complex properties
  • Drive traffic to key points of interest or specific products on a shelf with precise location based alerts and notifications
  • Connect to physical touch-screen kiosks or digital signage to synchronize messaging across your property

Remote management and

analytics that drive the experience

html custom wayfinding

    The powerful Wayfinder content management platform allows users to make changes quickly and deploy in real-time to any endpoint.

    • Design and manage maps, points of interest, and routing remotely
    • Set-up multiple login credentials and login rights to manage the directory
    • Detailed analytic dashboards provide real-time analytics around every user touch, search, and sponsored touchpoint
    • Create custom analytic reports based upon your business initiatives



Flexible deployment options

Compatible with any HTML browser or iOS/Android devices.

Increase Revenue

Location-based smart messaging increases engagement based upon their location.

Improved User Experience

Give users access to important safety information and destination locations in the palm of their hands.


Ability to roll out and customize mapping for any language or ADA requirements.

Detailed Analytics

Detailed analytics provides quantitive data for improving the navigation of your property and what users are looking for.

Easy Updating

The Wayfinder CMS provides real-time content playout across all platforms.
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