VirtualAssist Customer Service

Enhance the guest experience with Acquire's VirtualAssist remote assistance solution. Instant, contactless help at your interactive kiosk. ​

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Virtually assist your guests from anywhere

VirtualAssist can be used as a standalone solution or within any self-service application to provide guests real-time emergency assistance and customer service.


The Acquire VirtualAssist solution provides a simple 'HELP' button on any self-service application to allow users to instantly speak to a customer service agent. Pressing the button connects with your remote customer service staff anywhere in the world.

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With two-way video functionality, users can easily connect to a customer service member to find the information they need quickly. Hold a fully managed, two-way conversation and use the integrated remote-control feature to operate the kiosk as if you are with them, guiding them to the information they require.​

virtual receptionist kiosk

Speak to a live person quickly

The VirtualAssist tool can be added to any self-service solution to provide live assist to customers when they encounter issues or customer service questions.

  • Configurable user interface to seamlessly integrate with your kiosk application​
  • Easily connect to low latency two-way webcam and voice call​
  • Use within a self-service solution or as a standalone guest services kiosk ​

Screen takeover capabilities

The VirtualAssist tool gives remote operators the ability to take control of the display for additional support, planning a journey, or booking tickets and taking orders​

  • Provide ADA assistance to hearing or sight impaired​
  • Alerting system can help visitors call emergency personnel in times of need
visitor management kiosk
remote receptionist

Virtual receptionist and visitor management

The VirtualAssist tool can be used as a standalone solution to eliminate the need to have a receptionist at the front desk with a self-service kiosk to speak to a person located onsite or at a call center.

  • Add additional check-in and screening functions to create a dual-purpose visitor management solution
  • Ability to add no contact temperature screening or touchless capabilities to keep employees and visitors safe

Manage and centralize

your customer service team

two-way video calling kiosk

    The backend system provides customer service agents with all the tools they need to quickly route and efficiency handle support calls.

    • Automatic routing to first available customer service representative​
    • Encrypted communications​
    • Assistant application for caller group and call prioritization
    • Low bandwidth requirement (and highly configurable to meet networking needs)​
    • Data collection and analytics to improve customer service initiatives ​

Recommended Hardware

Approach Free-Standing Kiosk

Streamline Free-Standing Kiosk

Approach Wall-Mount Kiosk



Centralize Management

Handle a large volume of customer service inquiries across your kiosk network in one location.

Improved Experience

Self-service applications are intended to be easy to use, but there is always a situation where the user needs additional assistance and a personal touch.

Reduced Labor Costs

Removes the need of having an onsite guest services team or additional staff at every location.
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