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Enhance your space and engage visitors with immersive and easy-to-use digital signage management and playout tools built for any environment or application.

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Manage and deploy digital signage with ease

An easy-to-use and highly effective solution, Acquire2Go gives you complete control of your digital signage network using any web-enabled device.

As individuals navigate public spaces, you'll see digital signage and display networks drive important communications everywhere. Managing large display networks and scheduling content can be a daunting and time-consuming task.

The Acquire2Go remote digital signage platform allows users to easily create, schedule, playout, and support digital signage networks on any size display to combat the complexities. The platform was built for users without any prior technical training and can be updated in real-time on any web-enabled device remotely.

digital signage software

Easy to Use Editing Tools

The intuitive drag and drop editor allows users to create digital signage templates to show various pieces of content within single or multiple display environments.

  • Easily upload any content file and drag it to correct placements on a display
  • Resize content and add text to various sections within a display
  • Full catalog of content feeds and wigets to enhance the experience

Flexible Scheduling & Playout

Our tools are tailored for designing, scheduling, and playing out content which gives users all the tools they need to properly manage any sized signage network from anywhere.

  • Create content playlists and playout schedules with ease
  • Playback of all content types including HD playout
  • Review draft and live status of your content and channels at any time
digital playout
Digital signage software

Tools that Deliver Amazing Results

Our tools tailored towards digital signage deployments deliver immersive experiences and reactive content for any type of digital signage deployment.

  • Ability to be used on any size or type of display or web application
  • Synchronize content across multiple displays or videowalls
  • No additional server hardware or software required. A hassle-free way to roll out your digital signage

The cloud-based digital signage solution

that makes supporting your content simple

cloud based digital signage software

    Our remote based digital signage content management systems provide a flexible subscription based service, reducing the cost of IT management, hardware, and ongoing maintenance fees.

    • Remote monitoring and support features give you real-time signage status and health
    • Automatic updates let you concentrate on managing your digital assets.
    • Multi-level log-in credentials to provide different levels of access to relevant staff and departments, partners, or clients
    • Ability to be used as a white-label SAAS solution with your branding or company information

Recommended Hardware

Hardware and display options tailored to digital signage applications

Seneca HDS Media Player

Seneca XK-LTX Media Player

Horizontal Wall-Mount Enclosure



Easy to Use

Acquire's digital signage tools feature an easy-to-use interface that requires no prior training.

Adapts to Your Requirements

Operate a single screen or thousands of displays on a network.


Upload and schedule a variety of media file formats.


Operate your screen network using any web-enabled device.

Live Updating

Provides real-time updating to displays located anywhere in the world.


Integrate to the systems you already use.
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