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Custom Applications

Custom self-service kiosk is a purpose-built digital solutions built around your brand, use-case, integrations, and customer journey.

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Custom digital applications built for your specific use-case

Utilize our experienced in-house design and development teams to take your self-service and digital signage use-case from concept to reality.

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Dream it up, and we'll create it.

As self-service kiosks and digital signage applications become increasingly prevalent, it can be challenging to keep up with the diverse use-cases and market demands. Custom self-service kiosks and digital signage applications have introduced new ways to engage customers, improve efficiencies, and reduce overhead. However, many signage requirements are unique to each deployment and necessitate a solution tailored to the specific business use case.

In response to these market demands, Acquire offers a suite of tools that function like building blocks, customizable for each application or as a foundation for fully custom solutions. Our in-house team of signage and self-service experts has extensive experience designing and developing custom applications across a variety of industries and use cases.

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Custom design and development

Our modular approach to developing our solutions allows us to quickly use our existing codebase to develop customized solutions, meaning shorter development times with lower costs and risks.

  • Ability to update existing tool and feature set
  • Comprehensive prototype and design review process
  • Ability to create custom UI/UX designs based upon your need

Self-service kiosk hardware integrations

The Acquire team can set-up integrations to various hardware types and internal components to provide a turn-key custom deployment.

  • Integrate to kiosk component software for payment, ticketing systems, cameras, RFID, receipt printer, bill acceptor, and various other components depending on the use-case
  • Ability to implement connectivity for wireless, hardline, or mobile data connectivity
  • Built-in features for secure browsing, remote management, and support tools
custom kiosk application development
self service kiosk

Custom content management platforms

Our team specializes in creating custom content management systems to manage and control content remotely.

  • Ability to control digital platforms with white labeled platforms customized to your brand
  • Tailored to your use-case to remotely control large networks based upon terms and phrases applicable to their staff
  • Ability to set-up multiple login credentials for clients or third parties to assist with the approval process

Tailored integrations and

kiosk support development

custom digital signage software
  • Build connections to existing systems and APIs you may have
  • Automatically update content
  • Easy support monitoring controls to improve kiosk uptimes
  • Built-in analytic tools to measure usage data and collect key usage statistics

Recommended Hardware

Free-standing Pedestal Mount Kiosk

Indoor Freestanding Kiosk

Horizontal Wall-Mount Kiosk



Save time and money

Our customers save development time and costs by customizing pre-built digital signage tools that don't have to be built from scratch.

Flexible deployment options

Our custom self-service solutions can be tailored and built for any use case, in any environment.

In-house development

The Acquire team provides the design and development resources you need to deploy turn-key solutions without engaging with multiple companies.
Our team of experts are ready to help you find your perfect solution

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