Vision Audience Measurement

An intelligent, highly optimized audience measurement solution. Designed to be different.

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Accurately capture and recognize audiences to better understand consumer engagement


Measure your audience better

Accurately capture your audience's expression, gender, and age to gather consumer insights and understand how additional factors like weather, in-store promotions, or events impact their behavior.

digital signage audience measurement tools


Engage, connect and learn from your audience to maximize consumer and brand engagement.

Measure how your space is being used

Capture and understand how customers use space, how long they spend in particular areas, and why.

Digital Signage Analytics
digital signage audience measurement tools

Reactive & Responsive

Create tailored content and messaging aimed at specific customer demographic to drive sales and engagement.

Online data-viewing platform providing

real-time audience analytics

targeted dooh advertising
  • Helping you to understand campaign performance and consumer engagement, evidence proof of playout and create detailed campaign reports
  • Convert your data into knowledge to help optimize product placement and encourage in-store traffic flow resulting in sales
  • Enhance the overall customer experience with a more personalised approach, maximising brand awareness and engagement
  • Gather data from each device connected to your network. Understand audience engagement for every piece of content played
  • Collect usage and product data
  • Track shoppers with built-in facial recognition to track age, gender, and ethnicity




A heavily optimized AI, capturing the best images possible

Vision Accuracy

A powerful processor capable of recognizing gender and expression within 90%+ accuracy

Smart Integration

Capable of full AMP integration
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As part of an effort to maintain its position as a premier Las Vegas resort, the Cosmopolitan was seeking to upgrade its hotel digital signage technology.


Transport for London Informational and Transit Displays for it's Elizabeth line's Rebranding

Real-time transit and informational digital signage for the Transport for London's Elizabeth Line.


Shoptalk Retail Tradeshow in Las Vegas

Acquire Digital was approached by Shoptalk, to supply a wayfinding solution to help attendees navigate the Vegas Shoptalk Retail Tradeshow.