DOOH Advertising

DOOH Advertising helps you utilize your digital screens to promote your brand and products, and generate revenue by selling your advertising space to third parties.

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Digital-out-of-home advertising solved

Purpose-built platform built for digital-out-of-home and interactive advertising content management

Immersive Interactive Content with Interactive DOOH Advertising & Gamification

Digital-Out-of-Home (DooH) is essentially a digital version of traditional advertising (out-of-home media, or outdoor media) in public spaces. With the transition to digital, you and your clients can benefit from techniques borrowed from online advertising services, such as proof-of-play, responsive advertising, interaction, and more.

To solve the changing landscape, our DOOHAd platform is designed to manage scheduling and complex playlist management of the constantly changing campaigns on your screens.

Brand advertising on digital signage

Versatile cloud-based playlist management

The Acquire DOOHAd solution is a custom content management system designed around sold campaigns to automatically create playlists for an unlimited number of digital-out-of-home displays.

  • Easily create multiple ad playlists for your display network to download and play
  • Supports a variety of video and image formats and content is automatically transcoded and converted to the correct format
  • Multiple login credentials for clients or third parties to assist with the approval process

Flexible endpoints with future-proof features

The smart CMS automatically adjusts to any size or type of display for flexible and future-proof DOOH scenarios.

  • Deploy and build banner style advertisements within your current interactive system
  • Ability to play real-time reactive content driven by age or sex of viewers
  • Media can also be in the form of a URL (HTML5) or ‘APP’ format, enabling clients to include futuristic advertising capabilities
dooh advertising on a digital signage display
dooh advertising for digital signage

Smart signage & interactive advertising

Improve your current capabilities with the ability to trigger playout content based upon geofencing, weather, audience demographic, wayfinder destination, opening hours and more

  • Increase engagement and ROI with custom interactive advertisements
  • Easily rollout a library of pre-built interactive sponsored games to sell higher cost DOOH sponsorships

DOOH-compliant proof of playout and anonymous audience measurement.

Tools tailored towards digital advertisers

MicrosoftTeams-image (6)
  • Comprehensive suite of analytics for proof-of-play and engagement for interactive ads
  • Add Acquire's Vision platform for anonymous audience measurement to track age, gender, and ethnicity
  • Simultaneously schedule and manage multiple displays and campaigns at once
  • Connect to booking services like Broadsign, Vistar, Advendio, and others
  • Automatically corrects files to the correct format and flags unsupported files
  • Cloud-based platform to remotely update ad content from anywhere

Recommended Hardware

Hardware and kiosk options tailored for digital advertising deployments

Outdoor Large Format Kiosk

Wall-Mount Advertising Kiosk

Indoor Large Format Kiosk



Tools built towards DOOH

Improved efficiencies by using a CMS that was built specifically for DOOH playout.

Increased ad revenue

The ability to include interactive trigger-based and interactive advertisements provides a higher return on investment than typical digital ads.

Built-in Ad approval tools

Flexible system for multi-user login and approval process for internal and third-party agencies.
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