Wayfinder Feature List


  • Interactive Map – Centered around the area of interest, showing destination, points of interest and routes. Map oriented and zoomed appropriately to the Screen/Kiosk location.
  • Branded User Interface – With a number of industry-specific themes to choose from, complete with location logo and colour scheme to match any brand.
  • API – Accessible features for you to build your own UI*.
  • Powerful Navigation – Intelligent routing provides the fastest route to destinations, along with, greenest, safest and accessible routes.
  • Mapping – Simple to understand maps, removing any areas that should not be accessible to the general public.
  • Multiple Languages – Serve your users in their native language and allow them to swap languages instantly.
  • Route Times – Calculates the estimated walking times to destinations using accurate mapping algorithm.
  • Local Weather – Show live, local weather for your screen locations using third party services.
  • Disabled Access – User interface moves down to correct DDA/ADA compliant height for those in wheelchairs or mobility vehicles.
  • Custom Screensavers – Show a simple “call to action” video whilst the Wayfinder is idle.
  • Where am I – A simple way to find out exactly where you are. Zooms to your location on the map.
  • Multiple Floors – Switch between floors and route users to destinations on other floor levels.
  • Deals/Offers – Timed offers and deals to destinations and route people straight to the best deals.
  • Route Weighting – If you have a route you’d like to force users to take, add weighting to direct them through a particular area.
  • Smart Labels – Destination labels intelligently move as the map rotates, making it suitable for all orientations.


  • Category Search – All locations can be assigned to categories allowing the users to narrow down the searchable list. Sub categories can filter this even further.
  • Motion Trigger – Automatically show your Digital Directory when someone approaches (using an ultrasonic sensor).
  • Audience Demographics– Facial and audience recognition can track users Age, Gender and Mood using our own Acquire Vision software.
  • DOOH Advertising Platform – Add Full Screen, Banners and Multi-zone areas, controlled with Acquire2Go, Doohad or 3rd party integrations.
  • Date and Time – Shows the local date and time, automatically updated for daylight savings.
  • 4K Ready – The UI and 3D maps are ready for any resolution, text is sharp and easy to read.
  • Schedule Events – Add upcoming events are with dates & prices along with routing to the destination.
  • Windows Platform – Runs on Windows 10. Requires Intel i3 processor or higher with Nvidia Graphics for optimal performance.
  • Mobile Hand-off* – Allow users to continue their journey once they leave the Digital Directory, by handing off their route to a Smartphone. Works via SMS, RFID or QR code.
  • Pinch, rotate and zoom – Multi-touch compatible platform with zoom in and out and easily navigate the 3D map by rotating the orientation.


  • Intelligent Dashboard – Summary of unit status, destinations data and reports from your screens. Export analytics to a spreadsheet.
  • Map Editor -Place or change destinations information including name, description, logo, categories, destination photos.
  • Route Editor – Create waypoints and nodes to link destinations together, add optional weighting to force users down certain paths.
  • Tiered User Access – Give your staff access to you what them to edit with a simple checkboxes. Or everything, you have full control.
  • Top Level Security – Secure 256-bit Encryption and Two-Factor verification as well as high grade encryption to secure data between your screens.
  • Smart Notifications – Get informed when your projects are updated, changes are made and the status of deployment to your screens.
  • Flagship Destinations – Highlight promiment destinations with a custom image or logo on the map.


  • Web-based Map – No additional App download required.
  • Location Services – Location aware to automatically follow your actual position and orientation on the interactive map.
  • Optimised for Mobile – The user interface is built with small screens in mind.
  • Optimised routing – Contextual information whilst routing along with animated paths.

Note: All features can be enabled on all vertical markets – we chose the most appropriate for each use case to enable by default when you join our growing client base. Some items (marked with *) are available at additional cost and can be enabled at any time through the CMS 

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