Digital wayfinding management

Wayfinder Content Manager

The fully integrated wayfinder CMS gives you complete control over your software and content with integrated insights and analytics.

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Full control of your content. Meet the Wayfinder CMS

The simple-to-use dashboard powers a robust map builder, where you can edit store names and logos, add offers, and block off and configure routes.

wayfinding content manager

The simple-to-use web dashboard powers a robust map builder, where you can edit end locations, routing, logos, branding, and add offers and events. Once you’re done, just export to any platform. Kiosk? Mobile? Web? The Wayfinder CMS updates them all, within minutes.

To help fuel and grow your business, Wayfinder's integrated analytic platform provides detailed usage data and support tools.

Digital directory content management software to remotely update mapping and content

Maintain Map & Directory Content

The content management platform has been designed specifically for Wayfinder digital directory systems, so you can maintain your data with efficiency. With many built-in tools and features, you can make quick updates remotely.

  • Ability to edit destination names, logos, descriptions, events, offers, and amenities
  • Full control of updating opening hours and tenant information
  • Edits and changes made remote automatically update all playout end-points within minutes

Map & Wayfinding Editing Tools

The powerful map editing tool incorporates many mapping and wayfinding controls to customize routing options.

  • Create and edit nodes, including the ability to add links between destinations to create interactive paths
  • Controls to block off routes, create safe routes, or guide visitors in a way that works for your property
wayfinding remote cms
digital signage content management system

Dynamic AI Routing & Integrations

Third-party integration allows for multimodal transport options, so whether it’s by bus, rail, or bike, you can find the fastest, safest, and even greenest routes.

  • Create multimodal transportation options with the built-in toolset
  • Add weighting to direct users to a pre-determine route
  • Options to configure ADA accessible routing for users with a disability

Powered by a data-driven

suite of analytics

quick self service ordering kiosks and restaurant menu displays

    Use the Wayfinder CMS to access a suite of data and analytics. The simple filter functionality provides valuable insights fast, saving you time and money.

    • View visitor reports, most popular routes, and popular destinations your visitors are searching for
    • Records all sessions, touches, and average session time per user
    • Allows for Google style search bar to capture abandon searches and help with leasing
    • Ability to view reports in real-time or create elegant PDF reports to share with your team



Save time and money

The Wayfinder CMS allows for quick remote updating without having to physically change signage.

Flexible deployment options

Ability to use with physical digital signage or interactive kiosks, or within your current website or mobile application.

Map Accuracy

Use real measurements to reflect dimensions and distance. Edit maps to reflect new developments, extensions, and more.
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