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University students provide new concepts for Acquire product updates



Back in January we launched our ‘Live brief 2020’ project with Year 2 Communication Arts BA students from Leicester’s De Montfort University. The project, aimed at providing meaningful connections with industry for students, required students to create a new concept or feature for our Wayfinder SmartHubs.

Concept Artwork

Recent events would have made It easy to put the project on hold, cancel or postpone until a later date, but here at Acquire we understand how important it is for students to receive positive and meaningful interactions with industry.

Working with students & staff from De Montfort University, we organised for the project to continue ‘Virtually’, providing students the opportunity to submit their presentations and access support from members of the team to enable them to participate.

The team at Acquire received students’ submissions during the first week of May and were able to review and provide students with feedback that contributed to their overall grade.

Concept Artwork with graphics

New features and concepts for Wayfinder SmartHubs included ‘Sustainable Travel Routes and Live Updated Maps’, ‘Restaurant Roulette’, Gamification, a number of new features to assist with the ‘Student Experience’ and Campus Wayfinding.

Managing Director, Neil Farr said, “Our Live Briefs are a fantastic opportunity for us to provide students with a valuable interaction with business as well as providing us with feedback about our solutions and fresh concepts for new features, its always exciting to see the ideas they have come up with”.

We’re looking forward to continuing to work with our local universities to offer students more opportunities like this in the future.