Reactive Digital Pricing Labels

Improve retailers pricing and inventory management efficiencies with digital pricing label displays. Easily synchronize content to self-service endless aisle displays for a complete digital experience.

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The future of electronic shelf label software is here

Improve your ability to upload and display product pricing remotely - and connect to the inventory systems you already use.

Digital pricing label software for the new age

Digital pricing label strip displays is the way of the future for retailers looking to get updated pricing and engaging content to their consumers quickly. Acquire's digital toolset provides an innovative way for retailers to manage and display point of purchase content across small strip displays. Improve inventory management, increase sales, and lower overhead with the Acquire suite of pricing applications.

Retail point of purchase displays

  • Point-of-purchase (POP) digital signage software built for any size display
  • Remote content management to design, schedule, and instantly playout content without having to print off new promotional posters
  • Easily display advertisements and promotional content across multiple displays at the point of purchase
  • Synchronize videos and moving content for an immersive experience that pulls in shoppers
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Dynamic digital pricing labels

  • Remotely update product pricing quickly with the Shelf-Edge CMS
  • Connect to your inventory management or price tools for automatic pricing updates
  • Design and edit pricing labels with built-in design tools
  • Easily add movement and graphics to draw consumers towards key products
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Mobile extension

  • Provide an additional touch-point by scanning a QR code to view product information
  • Increase online sales for out-of-stock sizes or products
  • Provide digital coupons that open on a shopper's mobile device
  • Drive traffic to a brands website
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Valuable insights that drive engagement and sales

  • Capture and record demographic information via camera for targeted advertising and additional analytics
  • A choice of data capture tools provides detailed retail insights into shopping habits
  • Data from each location is stored centrally in the CMS to allowing customer responses, stock movement, and more to be viewed whenever it is updated
  • Full motion video elements can be combined with computer-generated animations using live data
  • Collect usage and product data
  • Track shoppers with built-in facial recognition to track age, gender, and ethnicity
  • Trigger rules can be built to allow live content changes, whether connected or not



Increase Promotional Exposure

Deals and discounts can be implemented with unique codes, and full tracking and on/off control

Track Shopper Behaviors

Optional sensors and cameras for shopper behavior analysis and local interaction. Audience metrics, including shoppers dwell time, reactions, and age can be monitored and reported

Live Data to Drive Content

Full motion video elements can be combined with computer-generated animations using live data

Reduce Labor Costs

Easily update and change content and pricing remotely without having a resource print and install updated price tags

Increase Shopper Engagement

Quickly add mobile hand-off end points for driving online sales and displaying product information

Easy to Deploy and Manage

Easy to deploy, manage, and control at both the national and local level for various content playout
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