Improve Smart-City capabilities with dynamic smart digital signage and interactive self-self solutions, utilizing sensor-based and IoT technologies.

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    Digital innovations designed for the future of smart cities

    Innovative digital signage and sensor-based technology to support strategic smart-city initiatives.

    Improve the digital solutions of tomorrow with interactive signage that leverages automated and sensor-based services. Incorporate IoT connectivity to offer on-demand alerting that integrate seamlessly with city system or real-time safety alerts. Self-service kiosks and digital innovations can provide a wide range of functions that create a cohesive smart-city experience.

    The Acquire digital toolset provides a wide range of solutions tailored for Smart City environments, including ticketing for public transportation, parking, and self-service kiosks. Digital wayfinding and directory solutions offer an interactive way to promote businesses and help visitors find points of interest. Virtual maps can provide detailed routes and information about their destination at the click of a button.

    A suite of tools with endless

    possibilities & deployment options

    Wayfinding Directory SmartHub

    A better way for visitors to navigate and find their way throughout campus and city environments. The Directory SmartHub has many features including custom mapping & wayfinding, the ability to list destinations, attractions, retailers, local events, and restaurants, sensor capabilities to detect gunshots and emergency notifications, DOOH advertising, and much more!

    Large Format Billboards & LED Signage

    Deploy and manage large format signage with ease using our native or web-based digital signage playout applications. Using our easy drag and drop editor, our solutions allow you to create, edit, and upload high-definition content on the go. Includes full high-definition playback with the ability to synchronize content across an unlimited number of displays.

    Self-Service check-in & ticketing kiosks

    Take self-service to the next level with custom check-in applications that integrate into the systems you already use. Includes the ability to accept payment and print tickets for transportation facilities. Track usage and connect to IoT sensors for a true smart-city application.

    Interactive AR Experiences​ & Gamification

    We've created easy-to-rollout AR-based photo booths, branded games, and interactive advertising solutions to increase engagement with your target audience. Our various immersive solutions provide you the opportunity to complement and enhance marketing campaigns, events, competitions, and more.

    Digital-out-of-home Advertising

    Our DOOHad content management system has been developed to manage and playout DOOH advertising. The built-in analytic platform records playout analytics and makes easy work of organizing complex ad playlists. Easily schedule and playout content to any size digital signage display or network remotely and connect to sensors to complement any smart city signage installation.

    City Wayfinding & Mapping

    Custom digital wayfinding and mapping help visitors navigate and find places to go throughout your city. Connect to public transportation options assists with finding travel options. For use on interactive kiosks within our SmartHub directory program, or within your website or mobile application.

    Flexible endpoints built for


    On-Premise Interactive or Digital Signage

    Our native application built for Smart-City applications includes the ability to playout on interactive kiosks, large format signage, videowalls, check-in kiosks, advertising displays, and other self-service applications. Easily control and manage all signage remotely.

    Mobile Website or Application

    The Wayfinder Mapping API can be used within a mobile website, as a standalone mobile webpage, or within a mobile application. It is designed to allow visitors to take fully interactive functions and mapping with them as they navigate the city.


    Our fully responsive API solution can easily integrate with your existing city website. Full interactive capabilities include the ability to zoom, rotate, and search for gates, dining options, and retail options. Allows for full analytic capture to better understand what users are searching for.

    Featured smart city solutions

    Interactive and digital signage solutions tailored for the city of the future

    Smart-City SmartHub Directory

    • A key digital asset to support visitors, residents and customers to navigate public spaces more easily
    • Enable members of the public to search for local, shops, restaurants, transport information, support services
    • Promotion of Travel & tourism information and updates, ticket bookings & reservations
    • Provide alerts, safety updates and critical public information

    Smart-City digital wayfinding & mapping

    • Improve traffic flow by helping people get where they need to be efficiently
    • Discover new places to visit and adjust routes to optimize journeys
    • Custom interactive mapping allows users to interact with destinations and click, zoom, and rotate the map
    • Ability to display advertisements and promoted locations to build a revenue-generating application for your city

    Large format LED spectaculars & billboards

    • Software to schedule and playout emmersive content on large format displays and city signage
    • Build out 3D experiences to use a showcase or landmark within your city
    • Digital billboards and advertising capabilities to increase ad signage revenue

    Integrations to the

    systems you already use

    Designed with many pre-programmed integrations for a unified experience across multiple platforms and sensor-based technologies

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