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Capture your audience's attention with engaging content feeds

Enhance the digital signage experience with curated real-time content integrations.

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Deciding on how to design a digital signage content strategy is a daunting task as it affects how visitors view your brand or property. Many factors like where to show specific branding requirements or how to section out the display to fit important messaging should be taken into account when designing your network.

Acquire's catalog of curated third-party content feeds can help fill in the gaps with engaging entertainment, news, weather, real-time transit or FID's data, and much more. The platform allows you to easily add content within an interactive or digital signage deployment with ease.

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Curated Content Options

Acquire solutions can easily integrate to a catalog of curated content feeds to help individuals feel connected with live updates and information on news, sporting events, local festivals, and weather.

  • Provide access to live weather reports, forecasts and updates, including alerts and warnings
  • Local, national, or international news options
  • Inform individuals immediately of traffic updates, expected delays and closures. Provide information on alternative routes and transport options

Intelligent Integrations

The Acquire Engine can connect to many of the systems you already use to automatically show relevant content to your visitors.

  • Provide passengers information on arrivals and departures, boarding gates, delays, cancelations, or any last minute changes to travel arrangements, all in real time
  • Instantly communicate effective alerts, warnings, and emergency messaging, including missing persons, public safety warnings, and more across your network
  • Provide individuals with all the information they need to confidently and safely navigate the environments around them
curated content

Remote updating and

playlist management tools

digital signage transit data

    The online CMS platform allows you to manage all sources of information effectively through one easy-to-use system.

    • Easy-to-use tools and templates to create content your customers & visitors need for a positive visitor experience
    • Connect cloud-based apps to inform, educate and communicate with individuals effectively



Save Money

Reduce the overall cost of communicating public messages and announcements, printing, and ongoing maintenance of static sites.

Fully Branded

Create a uniform look and feel across all your communications.

Customized Content

Easy-to-use tools and templates to create content your customers & visitors need for a positive visitor experience.
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