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Powerful consumer insights

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Online data-viewing platform providing real time audience analytics.

Helping you to understand campaign performance and consumer engagement, evidence proof of playout and create detailed campaign reports.

Reasons to Switch

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Quantify and classify individual customers

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Promotions & Displays

Identify trends in engagement with merchandising. Optimise the connection between promotions, displays and sales.

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Layout & Navigation

Understand how customers navigate through spaces. Analyse the dwell times of locations.

Increase Sales

Convert your data into knowledge to help optimise product placement and encourage in-store traffic flow resulting in sales.

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Customer Experience

Enhance the overall customer experience with a more personalised approach, maximising brand awareness and engagement.

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Connected Insights

Gather data from each device connected to your network. Understand audience engagement for every piece of content played.

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Fully Responsive

A fully responsive website enables you to view data points, implement layers and identify patterns in consumer behaviour.

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Overlay additional data to optimise data gathering for deeper consumer insights.

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Proof of Playout

Make reporting easy with our Industry standard DOOH proof of playout tool.

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Convenient Storage

Keep all your content organised, stored in folders, and fully searchable via tags and files.

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Simply create playlists by dragging and dropping content from your library.

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Standard Data Inclusion

3 months data included as standard

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Tools & Service

Full integration for access to a variety of 3rd party tools and services. Integrates with intel GPU or CPU, Myriad compute and more.

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