Vision AI

Accurately capture and recognise audiences to better understand consumer engagement

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Intelligent, highly optimised audience measurement solution. Designed to be different.


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Vision AI Pro

A more powerful version, designed for larger environments and audiences, capable of processing more data faster. Tailor content to be more reactive and responsive of the immediate audience and environment.

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Return on Investment (ROI)

Tried and tested solution for engaging and understanding customers and increasing their relationships with - and value to - brands.

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Simple & Easy to Use

Simple to implement, use, manage and maintain.

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Drive future strategy with astute analytics.


Accurately capture your audience expression, gender and age to gather consumer insights and understand how additional factors like weather, in store promotions or events impact their behaviour.

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Engage, connect and learn from your audience to maximise consumer and brand engagement.

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The Use of Space

Capture and understand how customers use space, how long they spend in particular areas and why.

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Reactive & Responsive

Create tailored content and messaging aimed at specific customer demographic to drive sales and engagement.

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A heavily optimised AI, capturing the best images possible.

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Vision Accuracy

A powerful processor capable of recognising gender and expression within 90%+ accuracy

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Smart Integration

Capable of full AMP integration.

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