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Customised accurate communications

Third party feeds for digital signage

Customise the presentation of your digital content with a variety of fully integrated services.

Maximise the quality and provision of information through seamless integration of 3rd party APIs.

Product Variants

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Travel & Transport

Provide travellers with up-to-date traffic and transport information, live updates on closures and delays. Access to sustainable travel options, walking routes, public transport, timetables, and more.

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Provide access to live weather reports, forecasts and updates, including alerts and warnings.

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Curated Services

Help individuals to feel connected with live updates and information on local national & international news, sporting events, local festivals and what's on guides

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Flight Information Displays (FIDs)

Provide passengers information on arrivals and departures, boarding gates, delays, cancelations or any last minute changes to travel arrangements, all in real time.

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Emergency Alert Systems (FEMA)

Instantly communicate effective alerts, warnings and emergency messaging, including missing persons, public safety warnings and more across your network.

Reasons to Switch

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Effective Communication

Connect cloud based apps to inform, educate and communicate with individuals effectively.

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Tailored Information

Provide the relevant information visitors and customers needs in one place.

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Transform the way individuals access information on travel, transport weather, local events and more.

Save Money

Reduce the overall cost of communicating public messages and announcements, printing and ongoing maintenance of static sites.

Third party subscribed services for digital signage

Visitor Experience

Provide individuals with all the information they need to confidently and safely navigate the environments around them.

Shopping street in tourist destination

Live Updates

Inform individuals immediately of traffic updates, expected delays and closures. Provide information on alternative routes and transport options.

Third party traffic services for digital signage


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Customised Content

Easy-to-use tools and templates to create content your customers & visitors need for a positive visitor experience.

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Fully Branded

Create a uniformed look and feel across all your communications

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Intelligent Integration

Seamless integration with existing applications

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Single Source Access

Manage all sources of information simple and effectively through one easy-to-use system.

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