Shelf Edge

Cutting-edge interactive merchandising

Digital shelf edge displays

Easy to deploy, manage, and control at both the national and local level for various content playout

Ability to integrate with existing inventory management and pricing tools for automatic content updating and control

Reasons to Switch

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Brand Awareness

Place brands directly in front of consumers at the point of purchase

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Easily create, edit, manage and schedule content, quickly and efficiently.

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Reduce Costs

Say goodbye to the costs of printing pricing labels, product information and promotional materials.

Gather Audience Metrics

Understand dwell times consumer engagement with products, and reactions to deals and special offers.

Digital shelf edge display

Positive Disruption

Create consumer interest and excitement. Present dynamic digital content, enhancing consumer interest and engagement with products

Digital shelf edge displays

Complements Existing Digital Signage

Combine with ‘Shelf Top’ displays to expand on product detail or brand engagement

Digital shelf edge display


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Innovative Display Technology

Combine live data with high resolution 4K video and animations. Place engaging and informative messaging directly in front of consumers

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Animated Labels

Live pricing labels allow for updating daily deals, discounts and product promotions.

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Online CMS

Locally and remotely manage stock, price information. Receive alerts and live update and status of all inventory and products.

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Full integration with ePOS solutions for automated price information and sales analysis.

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Smart Location

Create planogram locations of products that can be quickly and easily configured by staff along with live animated pricing detail.

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Shelving Layouts

Create content and playlists for different shelf configurations, maximising brand engagement.

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