Remote Assistance

Virtually assist your customers from anywhere

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Connect, communicate and assist customers instantly via your interactive kiosks.

The virtual solution for providing individuals with emergency assistance and customer support.

Reasons to Switch

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Emergency Support

Assist customers with emergency enquires and situations. Provide help and communication until further assistance arrives.

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Provide assistance to individuals with additional needs or mobility requirements.

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Cost Saving

Provide real time assistance across your network from any remote location.

Reduce Confusion

Take the confusion out of navigating hospitals, airports, campuses, retail destinations and more. Remotely assist individuals to find their destination, the most direct route and the best way to get there.

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Take Control

Remote operate screens to assist individuals with additional support, helping them with planning a journey, books tickets for an event or assist in an emergency.

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Explore With Confidence

Help individuals to feel more confident when exploring new places for the first time. Understanding where they can access help and information if and when they need it.

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Virtual Assist Button

Instantly connect and assist individuals via a visible on screen button.

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Remote Operation

Connect and support individuals by remotely operating the screen to provide additional assistance if required.

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Live Connection

Assist in real time via video screens to offer face to face support.

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Smart Record

Protect staff and customers by creating record logs and reports.

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