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Bill Pay & Ticketing

Self-service ticketing & payment applications improve efficiencies and the user experience for in-person bill pay. Utilize a similar platform as a self-service way to purchase bus, train, subway, or event tickets.

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The future of self-service payment & ticketing software

Self-service kiosk solutions tailored to accept multiple forms of payment and back-end integrations to keep your business operations running smooth, with Bill Pay & Ticketing.

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As businesses adjust and change their business models, many operations are turning to self-service solutions to act as an end-point to accept payments without hiring additional staff to handle transactions. Bill-pay and transactional kiosks are popping up in retail stores, government facilities, transportation centers, and in many other markets.

Acquire's self-service STK provides user-friendly software that can be used for many applications in a wide range of industries. Built on the secure Acquire Engine, our payment applications are versatile and connect to the systems you already use.

Multiple self-service ticketing kiosks

Expand payment touchpoints

Acquire’s self-service applications come with cash, credit/debit, gift card, and contactless payment options for easy deployments on any touch-screen kiosk.

  • Easy to use user flow with built-in payment options
  • Connection to your inventory management API/STK
  • Reduce human error and labor costs while increasing revenue and data collection

Increase payment touch-points

Acquire’s payment kiosks expand in-person and walk-in payment options for users to pay bills without face-to-face interaction.

  • Serve unbanked households by flexible payment and cash options
  • Flexible indoor/outdoor deployment options for retailers, government, education, and healthcare facilities
  • Secure remote monitoring to keep payments secure and the kiosks operational
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Interactive Touchless ticketing kiosk application

Dispense tickets or credit loyal cards

Enhance the payment experience with flexible payment options and ticket delivery via physical tickets or card reload.

  • Customized user-interfaces to drive additional sales and convenience for customers
  • Integrations to the retailers POS and reporting systems for real-time inventory levels and payment acceptence
  • Ability to rollout to physical kiosks, web, or mobile application for additional customer touch-points

Remote management and

analytics to enhance the payment experience

quick self service ordering kiosks and restaurant menu displays
  • Remotely update content and pricing at the local or national level
  • Generate product inventory and promotions for self-service kiosks
  • Real-time payment options including cash, credit/debit, gift cards, and many others
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics track usage and supportability functions
  • Secure and encrypted transactions
  • Two-way customer service capabilities to support users without an employee present

Recommended Hardware

Hardware and kiosk options tailored to bill pay and ticketing applications

Advantage Countertop Kiosk

23" Self-service Kiosk

Approach Wall-Mount Kiosk



Save time and money

Physical kiosks or mobile applications can serve users without having to pay physical employees to be onsite.

Flexible deployment options

Easy kiosk integration by adding the API to your current application or for use as standalone interactive kiosks.

Easy to use agent tools

Our backend can include two-way video communication for virtual customer service agents to handle multiple kiosks and locations from anywhere.

Decrease customer wait time

Reduce lines and the time to make a payment with additional touch-points and options to make payments.

Gain valuable analytics

Acquire's CMS platform records all touchpoints and important analytics to improve the experience and product offerings. Connect to our audience metrics tools to gain valuable demographic data.

Advertising & sponsorships

Ability to display advertisements, revenue-generating sponsorships, and built-in marketing messages.
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