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The show brought together over 40,000 leaders from leading brands and retailers.

Acquire Digital was excited to display our interactive retail engagement and wayfinding solutions in the Intel Booth at this year’s National Retail Federation (NRF) show in New York City.

The show brought together over 40,000 leaders from leading brands and retailers across the world. Our partner, Intel, invited us to develop various customer engagement solutions for retailers to use in-store and across mobile devices.

Displayed on two large format touchscreen displays from Elo, Acquire’s in-house design and development team created a variety of solutions that impressed visitors from across the world. The displayed solutions included:

  • Our in-store Smart Shopper Wayfinder
  • Our campus style Wayfinder directing visitors to other Intel partners located throughout the show
  • A custom Showroom Viewer interactive solution with a 3D model of the exhibits in the Intel booth
  • Various games and interactive content, with our Gamification solution
  • Our Vision video demographics tool to detect gender, age, and mood
  • Our End-of-Aisle interactive solution for product recommendations and extend-to-online capabilities

The Acquire team attended with industry experts Neil Farr (Managing Director of Acquire), Robert Smith (Technical Director), and Troy Engelland (Strategic Sales Manager, North America), who recently started with Acquire.

Troy Engelland said, “visitors to the show were very impressed with the range of features and the endless possibilities that Acquire’s solutions can provide the retail Industry”. He went on to say that, “Our in-store ‘Smart Shopper’ Wayfinder was a huge hit! It provides an opportunity for big box stores to increase shopper engagement and sales through interactive displays in-store. Also, our impressive CMS platform and integration abilities allow retail stores to integrate our wayfinding tool directly into their website or mobile application.”

In addition to the in-store Wayfinder, the popularity of Acquire’s endless aisle ‘Shopper Engagement’ tool, which allows users to scan products to find and buy additional colors and sizes online. Also, it enables store employees to use touch-screen displays to guide customers through an interactive experience for viewing products and features. As the retail industry continues to explore new ways to engage and interact with customers and visitors to enhance the shopping experience, we are excited to be ahead of it.

Acquire Digital enjoyed the opportunity to exhibit our impressive interactive experiences to some of the biggest retail brands in the world, demonstrating a fresh approach to Wayfinding, being so much more than maps!

To find out more information about any of the solutions from the show, contact

(US) Troy Engelland – Tengelland@acquiredigital.com

(UK) Kyle Forsman – Kforsman@acquiredigital.com

(UK) Ashley Dakin – Adakin@acquiredigital.com

Intel’s & Partners giving Retail the Edge – NRF 2020 – //newsroom.intel.com/press-kits/2020-nrf/#gs.t1ygws

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