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Acquire have been busy so that people can still interact with technology safely.

Eight weeks ago we couldn’t have predicted the impact COVID-19 would have, the industry is experiencing major change and the team at Acquire have been busy ensuring that our products are responding to the changed world and how people can still interact with technology safely.

Over the last several weeks our developers have expedited background features, and have been working hard to add features across our family of products. We are excited to be able to offer our clients and partners support to enhance the safety of public spaces during COVID-19 and beyond through a range of solutions including, Mobile Quick Launch Maps, Acquire Assist, Heat Recognition & Voice Assistance. We have also been in discussions with our hardware partners who are offering antibacterial coated screens for both indoor and outdoor kiosks.

One thing is clear these are very difficult but interesting times for us all, working together to future-proof the way we work and continue to enhance the way in which individuals navigate the world around them will require us all to continue to innovate and develop the solutions needed to ensure that safety is paramount and the person centered experience is vital.

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