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We’ve been working hard for employee engagement, creating opportunities for colleagues

The focus on Mental Health has never been so important, with more and more people experiencing changes to their normal everyday lives, that they never thought imaginable. We’ve been working hard over the last few months to recognise the need for employee engagement, creating opportunities for colleagues to interact and engage with one another. We have organised a range of events & activities, with probably the most successful being ‘Time To talk Tuesdays’. We teamed up with ‘Time to Change Leicester’, to encourage staff every Tuesday to take the time to connect with a colleague, for a catch up and a non- work related chat! This Mental Health Awareness Week, we felt it would be nice to share some of the feedback from the team… because we now how important it is to TALK!

“It’s so important to talk to other people, if anything, to make you realise that the feelings and thoughts experienced are normal, and we are all going through this together”

“Its one of the highlights of my week, I’ve learned so much about members of the team, it’s a great initiative, its something we should make permanent”

“I look forward to organising a catch up with a member of the team on Tuesday, its such a simple way of helping us to make the time to connect with our colleagues”,

“Ten minutes on a Tuesday, to catch up over a coffee… seems simple but can make all of the difference!”.

“Time To Talk Tuesdays, have been a regular way of connecting with members of the team, there’s never been so much of a need to Take The Time To Talk!”

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