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'Stay at Home, Save Lives, Protect the NHS' campaign

Over the last month many of us have experienced vast change to our daily working routines, resulting in many companies supporting their staff to work from home in a national attempt to support the governments ‘Stay at Home, Save Lives, Protect the NHS’ campaign.

We have been working hard to ensure ‘Team Acquire’ have been feeling connected and engaged through a range of activities and virtual events, that have included caption competitions, daily riddles and new partnership with ‘Time to Change Leicester’, and the introduction of ‘Time to Talk Tuesdays’, encouraging the team to take the time to connect for a chat with a member of the team they haven’t spoken to in a while, read more: //www.acquiredigital.com/blog/2020/4/1/time-to-talk-tuesdays

We’ve also been sharing top tips and finding out how members of ‘Team Acquire’ are dealing with getting used to working from home and spending the majority of their day indoors … (apart from their daily exercise of course). Individuals have shared how they have been trying to keep to as much a normal routine as possible, making sure they are taking regular breaks and taking the time to eat correctly.

Our Head of Design also shared something we feel needs a little recognition, he’s not only been busy working from home but our very own self confessed ‘3D Printing Geek’ has been busy doing his bit to support our frontline NHS staff, by printing ‘adjustable mask straps’, due to the fact that the masks that they wear are usually hung behind the ears, after a consecutive 12 hour shifts they can cause a lot of pain.

He kindly shared an image of the straps and also a nurse wearing one too. Straps are collected locally on a regular basis and he informs us that there are similar initiatives taking place across the world.

For those of you reading this that would like to show your support, here’s the link to the file:


We feel It really is the little things that really can and do make all the difference.

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