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We kicked off our Live Brief 2020 project

On January 10th, we kicked off our Live Brief 2020 project with Year 2 Communication Arts BA students from Leicester’s De Montfort University.

Students have been provided the opportunity to respond to a real industry brief that enables them to find out about the company in more detail and develop a new concept or idea for one or more of the company’s existing products.

This year students have been provided the chance to create a new concept or feature for our Wayfinder SmartHub’s, going beyond a traditional digital directory and 3D mapping solution, or the opportunity to create a piece of gamified content that enhances the visitor experience and connects individuals with brands through a interactive experience.

Students are then asked to showcase their ideas via a presentation where they are provided feedback about their interpretation and delivery of the brief. There’s also the possibility for students to have their idea developed, with the best concepts receiving the support of the in-house Acquire Digital team.

“Opportunities like this are vital for students to prepare for the real world or work, connect with industry and also be part of something that can help them showcase their own skills in a practical way. At the same time enabling students to grow and develop their own professional networks and future employment opportunities”

Tina Barton – Acquire Digital Public Engagement Manager.

This is the second year Acquire Digital has provided student opportunities of this nature, and it’s something the CEO is also very passionate about.

“Being a former student of DMU, I understand the value of students accessing opportunities like this, I only wish ‘live briefs’ were a thing when I was studying, it’s a great way of preparing students for the future and connecting them with business”.

Neil Farr – Managing Director.

Students will be sharing their initial ideas and concepts on February 20th on the De Montfort University campus with final presentations taking place on Thursday March 26th.

We’ll be sure to share the details of the student’s final presentations in a future blog!

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