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New and updated features include a new Wayfinder UI

Acquire Digital are excited to announce the release of Wayfinder V4.4 in the form of our SmartHub technology. More than just mapping, the SmartHub is a central point of data gathering and delivery through multiple technologies. New SmartHub features are already being enjoyed by some of our global clients who receive the updates as part of our SaaS service updates. New and updated features include a new Wayfinder UI which now supports both portrait and landscape orientation, a redesigned home screen, with scrollable widgets, enabling clients to add in popular destinations, weather, news, advertising, and much more. Deals and events are now shown separately and can be filtered and viewed on the new home screen. Our updated mobile and web versions of the Wayfinder have also been enhanced to be more efficient in downloading, more responsive, and with a completely redesigned UI, based around our updated online Wayfinder API service and still with no need to download an ‘App’ to use. The introduction of a new ‘Remote Assistance’ feature means that users can now contact a member of a call centre team directly from the kiosk for assistance, who can then remotely control the kiosk as they video chat, and help them find what they are looking for. We are also excited to launch the integration of our ‘Vision’, audience analytics, which is now available as an optional extra, and enables Wayfinder to use cameras and our anonymous face detection AI technology to monitor the performance of your ad campaigns, or user sessions, monitor dwell time and create full user breakdown by metrics such as age, gender and mood. “When we first started wayfinding nearly twenty years ago as part of our Digital Signage portfolio, I did not think that the technology would become as advanced as it is now. With the general public’s reliance on technology in their lives, the ability to quickly serve the information people need, whilst still providing them with enough information to make their own personal decisions is a challenge, but one I think the team have managed to overcome, and overcome well. What is in the latest SmartHub is an amazing solution I am proud of my team for producing.” Neil Farr, CEO at Acquire Digital. The development team are now working on Wayfinder V4.5 ‘The Next Generation’ with some exciting additional features that we will be sure to keep you updated with. You can see Wayfinder in action here: //bit.ly/38qAhc1Download our latest Wayfinder brochure here: //bit.ly/2vXhFlx
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