Transforming the Digital Experience for
Quick Service Restaurants

Transforming the Digital Experience for Quick Service Restaurants

We are delighted to be partnering up with both, ‘Insight Touch’ and ‘Keyserfor this year’s NRA Show in Chicago!

We are delighted to be partnering up with both, ‘Insight Touch’ and ‘Keyser’ for this year’s NRA Show in Chicago!

We will be showcasing our industry-leading software on both Insight Touch’s and Keyser’s superb hardware. Be sure to come check out NRA booth 6576 and say hi!

insight-1200 screens

quick service ordering kiosk

The digital signage toolset for quick-service restaurants

The digital signage toolset for quick-service restaurants

quick service ordering kiosk

Benefit from technology that improves ordering efficiencies, reduces costs, and increases sales

Acquire’s Quick-Serve software platform is designed to provide an interactive ordering experience on a pre-built branded templated or custom user interface. Includes an intelligent user flow with built-in payment options that guides users through an interactive menu with upsell opportunities based upon user selections and demographic information.


Our Food ordering kiosk solution can integrate with multiple inventory management systems to use as one endpoint for ordering at multiple restaurants.

QSR Quick Service Kiosk Food Ordering

Easily create, schedule, and playout outdoor menu displays with the ability to connect to your inventory management system to automatically update pricing and promotions.

Highlight menu promotions or specials with promotional displays located throughout your restaurant.

The Acquire content management system allows you to remotely schedule and track advertising playout across your digital signage network.

To complement our digital ordering systems, Acquire offers a wide range of digital menu options for overhead counter signage, outdoor and window, and drive-thru signage.

Drive-Thru Menu Displays

Reward your loyal customers with loyalty kiosks that track points, visitors, and orders. Provide visitors the ability to purchase gift cards or other upsell opportunities.

As self-service technology use within quick-service restaurants evolves to the current market conditions, consumers expect improved experiences focused on the ordering process. Efficiency and customer experience continue to be a priority within QSR applications.

To assist with the transformation, Acquire’s digital toolset provides a wide range of restaurant applications for ordering kiosks, menu boards, and kitchen and pick-up displays. Improve the ordering process, increase sales, and lower overhead with the Acquire suite of QSR applications.

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