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Video Walls & LED Spectaculars

Impress your guests with immersive LED and video wall experiences that draw crowds and improve large format advertising.  

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Flexible large format video wall digital signage software that produces remarkable results

All the tools you need to design, deploy, & manage large-format digital video wall experiences on any size display.

digital video walls

Large format video wall signage is popping up everywhere and the stakes are high for creating a memorable experience. The best experience is an immersive audio-video spectacular that draws the eye and holds the audience's attention.

Acquire's toolset tailored for large format display installs provides all the pieces to improve your existing signage or to create a new experience. Everything from the creative elements, to playing out 3D content, our industry-leading platform is a game-changer that drives the overall experience.

large format digital signage

LED Spectaculars

The Acquire player is capable of running complete audiovisual presentations with the ability to playout multiple forms of 4K content to deliver a solution that builds excitement and impacts brands.

  • Hundreds of plugins to enable interaction, triggering, and connectivity
  • 4K content live transformed into hundreds of playout zones
  • Ability to deploy transparent overlaid videos that are synchronized across multiple players
  • Connect to API’s and other systems to drive real-time relevant content

Advertising & Billboards

Acquire’s tools tailored towards digital billboard playout helps advertisers future-proof their billboard inventory while capturing important ad playout statistics.

  • Functional tools to design, edit, schedule, playout, and manage large-format ad displays
  • Designed to work with any size and type of display for diverse billboard networks
  • Create custom billboard layouts to drive multiple points of Out of Home delivery
video walls
video wall software

Video walls & Interactive large format

Acquire’s large format digital signage tools allows you to easily design both static and interactive experiences to improve engagement.

  • Design touch-screen video walls to provide a immersive interactive experience
  • Use the screen layout tool to section off the display to show real-time data like weather, news, alerts, and more
  • Easy setup of 4k playout to multiple displays using one media player

The tools & features you need to

create, & deploy large format signage

led signage software

    The tools to easily control screenfuls of content remotely across multiple displays with a choice of content management platforms to manage playout, technical support, and capturing important analytics.

    • Remotely update content and playlists to control all your endpoints at the local or national level
    • Generate advertisement playout and analytic reports based on useage
    • Connect to the systems you use or third party integrations for trigger based content or automatic updating
    • Ability to setup muti-level login credentials for administrators, support teams, and advertisers to control different portions of the display
    • Support tools to remote monitoring and alerting

Recommended Hardware

Acquire's large format solutions are designed to work with many display and player options

Seneca XK-LTX Media Player

Seneca HDN Media Player

Seneca XK-QUAD Media Player



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