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Contactless Interactive Solutions

As the world transforms before our eyes, contactless solutions are becoming an important feature to incorporate within self-service kiosk deployments.

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Contactless features to improve self-service capabilities

ticketing kiosk application

The world changed dramatically following the events surrounding COVID-19. Businesses were forced to look for new ways to overcome the plethora of operational challenges. The way users navigate this changing landscape has affected how people shop, travel, receive healthcare and education and connect with businesses for daily services.

The demand for more contactless experiences and automation of everyday services is becoming the new norm. Organizations are turning to purpose-built technology to evolve this complex change in daily functions. Innovations leveraging voice, artificial intelligence, and digital kiosk technology are empowering consumers to consider alternative solutions for self-service applications.

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Contactless options that complement your solution

  • Mobile control capabilities to control a touch display with your smart phone
  • Wave let's you control kiosk functions with hand gestures
  • Voice control allows users to use their voice to preform commands
  • Mobile hand-off lets users scan a QR code to use a Web-based application

Voice command

  • Speak commands to any self-service application without touching the display
  • Leverage speech to find directions and points-of-interest
  • Meets various ADA standards for self-service kiosks
Speech Control Self-Service Software
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Mobile control

  • The mobile control features allows users to scan a QR code to control a self-service application
  • Users use their smartphone like a track pad to control kiosk controls
  • Works on an HTML website and requires no application download



Save time and money

Our customers save time and money by having one agent serving many customers in various locations.

Flexible deployment options

Easy kiosk integration by adding the API to your current application or use as a standalone virtual receptionist.

Easy to use agent tools

Our backend portal provides an easy-to-use interface that requires little to no additional agent training.
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