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Innovation is what drives us at Acquire.

Our ability to generate new ideas and concepts to enhance existing solutions and create new ones, is at the heart of what we do. It’s why we’re renowned for delivering first class experiences to our clients.

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We’ve created a variety of gamified content, based on movies and gaming favorites and including Dora the Explorer, Sonic, Whack a Mole, Space Invaders and more. Increasing amounts of companies, designer brands and labels are recognising the positive gains to be made, from employer engagement to increased customer interaction, increased profits and customer loyalty… the ‘Game’ really is on Our experienced team will work to ensure your creative assets and vision are realized, by working directly with you or your own digital agency.

Selfies & Interactive Content

Our interactive adverts, selfies and brand interaction content, is designed to place consumers directly in front of brands like never before. Working with globally recognised brands We’ve created interactive engaging content that enables customers to have a closer connection to brands and retailers, Increasing customer interaction and sales, whilst contributing to enhancing the overall visitor experience.

Touchless Solutions

Our new 'Touchless Solutions' are designed to offer individuals choice and peace of mind, increasing the confidence of consumers about their interaction with digital touch screens and interactive kiosks. With a suitable option for everyone, we're future proofing the customer experience when it comes to digital Wayfinding.

Mobile Control

Secure Mobile Control - Scan a QR code to turn your mobile device into a 'Smart Controller'. Full operation of the kiosk in the palm of your hand. No app needed.

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