Power Your Space with Unmatched
Digital Signage Solutions

Power Your Space with Unmatched
Digital Signage Solutions

Elevate your client experience with innovative software solutions, tailored for impact

Elevate your client experience with innovative software solutions, tailored for impact

Power Your Space with Unmatched
Digital Signage Solutions

Elevate your client experience with innovative software solutions, tailored for impact

Transform your space with
our globally acclaimed, user-friendly
wayfinding & digital signage solutions

Transform your space with our globally acclaimed, user-friendly
digital signage solutions

Acquire Digital combines the art of simplicity with the power of sophisticated technology to redefine your space. With over 25,000 successful global installations, our solutions breathe life into over 3.9 million visitor experiences each month and this number is increasing every day.

Our 27 years of industry expertise and strong network of 50+ partners ensure seamless integration and innovation at every turn.

Choose Acquire to effortlessly transform your space into an engaging, informative, and inspiring environment. This is sophistication made simple—this is Acquire Digital, your partner in worldwide digital transformation.


Global Installations


Visitors Per Month

27 Years

Industry Experience


Partners & Integrations


Global Installations


Visitors Per Month

27 Years

Industry Experience


Partners & Integrations

CLIENT Testimonials

Discover how we’ve
made a difference

“Wind’s interactive screens is an open Wind-ow to new technologies. It improves customer experience by giving them the ability to search and choose from a variety of products.”

Stella Giatra

Marketing Exec at Wind Hellas

"Simon's Interactive Directories have helped visitors to our shopping centers navigate the space and interact with brands like never before, resulting in a wealth of analytical data that's continuing to help us shape and evolve the retail experience, providing us a tremendous flexibility for crafting messages for each center."

Chip Harding

Senior Vice President, Simon Property Group

"This high-end destination enhanced their overall shopper experience with the introduction of interactive touch screen directories and brilliant LED digital displays. "

Stephen Gottlich

Senior Vice President at Gable

Plug-and-Play Solutions, Tailored for Your Success

Discover the power of flexibility with our
ready-to-deploy wayfinding and digital signage solutions

Designed to blend seamlessly into any business environment, our software provides the perfect balance between out-of-the-box efficiency and customized integration. Elevate your space with solutions that are as unique as your business.

Close-up shot of computer code
Close-up shot of computer code
Close-up shot of computer code


Future-Proof Your Space: Partner with Acquire Digital for a scalable digital signage solution that grows effortlessly alongside your business, ensuring today's investment meets tomorrow's needs.


Realize Your Vision with Precision: Benefit from the unmatched flexibility of our ready-to-deploy solutions that not only adapt to your current needs but also boast advanced personalization features to perfectly capture your unique vision.


Comprehensive Support, Every Step of the Way: From initial hardware design and deployment to ongoing, on-site support and scaling to meet the demand of thousands, Acquire Digital offers an unparalleled end-to-end service that simplifies complex digital transformations.

custom development

Envisioning a Unique Digital Experience?

Dive deeper into customization with Acquire Digital. Our elite team of creative designers, innovative developers, and seasoned industry experts is at your service to bring any vision to life. From initial concept and prototyping to the seamless execution of your custom DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) applications, we ensure your unique ideas are not just realized but are crafted to surpass expectations.

Close-up shot of computer code
Close-up shot of computer code
Close-up shot of computer code


Transforming Your Vision into Reality: Let our experts tailor-make applications that precisely align with your detailed specifications, turning your innovative ideas into customized digital experiences.


Accelerate Your Innovation: Harness the power of our Studio Pro engine to quickly bring your concepts to life with production-ready proofs of concept and prototypes, enabling faster decision-making and refinement.


Comprehensive Support for Seamless Execution: From the initial hardware design and deployment to providing ongoing and on-site support, our commitment to your success includes effortlessly scaling your installations, ensuring your digital presence is future-ready and expansive.

Acquire Digital: Where Your Vision Meets Our Innovation

At Acquire, we believe the essence of digital signage extends far beyond mere display—it's about creating immersive experiences, telling compelling stories, and unlocking unparalleled potentials. With this vision in mind, we've meticulously developed a versatile platform tailored to meet your unique business needs, designed to empower your vision with unmatched flexibility and ease.

Our commitment to innovation doesn't stop at launch. We're devoted to continuous improvement, relentlessly refining and enhancing our software to ensure it remains at the forefront of the digital signage sector. Our dedication sees our team consistently rolling out new features and updates, all aimed at not just keeping pace with but defining the future of digital interactions.

By aligning with the latest in technology trends and incorporating valuable feedback from our clients, we ensure our solutions not only meet today's demands but also drive your business towards tomorrow's successes.

Embrace a partnership with Acquire Digital, where ongoing innovation offers new opportunities to engage, captivate, and inspire your audience with every update.

Why Choose Acquire Digital?

Tailored Flexibility:

Your vision deserves more than a one-size-fits-all solution. Our platform dynamically tailors to your unique objectives, ensuring our solutions complement your space precisely as you imagined.

Growth-Oriented Technology:

We're committed to scaling with you. From initial installations to expansive rollouts, our solutions evolve to meet the growing demands of your business, ensuring lasting relevance and impact.

Reliability at Every Step:

Our dedicated support team ensures your operations never miss a beat. With Acquire, you gain not just a provider but a reliable technology partner.

Boundless Integration:

As pioneers in hardware-agnostic platforms, we offer unmatched flexibility and compatibility, ensuring seamless integrations with your existing infrastructures, whether on-premise or cloud-based.

Streamlined Content Management:

With our intuitive CMS and an extensive library of pre-built templates, we transform sophisticated content strategies into simple, engaging digital narratives, always optimized for mobile engagement.

Analytics for Informed Decisions

Understand audience engagement in real-time, and make informed decisions that continually enhance the visitor experience. With Acquire, it’s not just about displaying content—it’s about refining your strategy based on solid data.

Our Promise:

To provide you with wayfinding and digital signage solutions that are not only sophisticated in capability but simple in execution, allowing you to effortlessly elevate your customer's experience and future-proof your digital engagement strategy.

With Acquire, transform your space into a living, breathing canvas—where every pixel tells a story, and every screen opens a world of possibilities. Dare to envision, and let us bring it to life.

Bringing Your Ideas to Life with Studio Pro

Three types of interactive kiosks showing digital signages software
Three types of interactive kiosks showing digital signages software
Three types of interactive kiosks showing digital signages software

Imagine stepping into a world where digital display is as intuitive as a child's play yet as robust as the foundations of a skyscraper. Welcome to the realm of Studio Pro software, where simplicity meets sophistication on an unparalleled scale.

With Studio Pro you can manage multiple displays across different locations effortlessly. Synchronizing networks to create stunning visuals or distribute content globally can be done with unparalleled ease. It's both reliable for professionals and intuitive enough to spark creativity across all skill levels.

Studio Pro isn't just another software; it's your gateway to transforming your space into a canvas of storytelling, removing boundaries of distance and complexity.

With Studio Pro, your imagination sets the limits.

Design, build & deploy

Desktop page designer, playlisting, scheduling, and remote deployment & management tools.

Flexible playback engine.

The incredible power of our in house engine makes short work of complex hardware setups.

Hundreds of plugins & integrations.

Show weather & news or social media feeds. Pull data from your own datasources & APIs.

Elevate Your Space with Unparalleled Digital Wayfinding Solutions

Venture into an experience where state-of-the-art wayfinding technology meets unparalleled ease of use. Our solution not only simplifies navigation but transforms your space into a more productive and vibrant environment. Crafted through years of feedback and data, our software breathes life into both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our intuitive software breaks down the complexity of navigation, offering an easy-to-use interface that naturally guides every user. Perfect for any venue — be it large corporate campuses, bustling retail spaces, or expansive outdoor areas — it ensures seamless transitions and enriches experiences, even on mobile devices. Compliant with ADA standards, it guarantees inclusivity, making every part of your space accessible to all.

Our wayfinding solution is more than a navigational aid; it's a tool for revitalizing your environment. By making spaces more navigable and engaging, it not only attracts more visitors but significantly boosts their productivity and satisfaction. Embrace Acquire's wayfinding technology, and invest in a future where your space becomes a dynamic, inviting world of its own.

Interactive 3D Maps & Directions.

Create stunning 3D models of your location, map out your destinations and allow users easily find their way.

Deploy on web, mobile and kiosk.

Show the same map experience on your website, kiosks and mobile apps for a consistent user experience.

Much more than maps & directions.

Inform and educate your visitors with live widgets & integrations. Show local news updates, sponsored messages, or alerts.

Track. Analyze.


Capture and recognize your audiences to better understand consumer engagement.

Screenshots of Acquire Vision showing different charts and graphs
Screenshots of Acquire Vision showing different charts and graphs
Screenshots of Acquire Vision showing different charts and graphs

Give advertisers real world metrics.

No need to rely on footfall and predicted engagement. Vision tells you who looked and for how long.

Works with any USB camera, or without.

Accurately track unique faces on standard webcams, and provide detailed playback reports without.

Track unique visitors, not people.

Raw images are never stored, and user data is anonimized “on device” before being processed in the cloud.

Effortless Ad Management.

Purpose-built platform for digital-out-of-home and interactive advertising content management.

Scale to thousands of endpoints.

Segment your portfolio and easily sell ad slots by location, slot / screen type, and custom tags.

Automatically build playlists.

Set your standard slot lengths and filler content and DoohAd will build your playlists automatically.

Easily work with 3rd party agencies.

Give your clients a simple link to upload, check, and verify campaign media.