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    Travelers deserve a better digital signage experience

    Our family of purpose-built solutions tailored towards transportation centers and airports can help.

    Enhance the digital experience from the check-in counter to the gate

    Among many public places, airports and transit hubs are fast-paced with millions of travelers every day; with such a considerable number, user experience is the utmost priority for them.<br> Acquire provides a wide range of digital signage and self-service interactive solutions tailored towards improving the user experience for passengers. From check-in applications to interactive wayfinding to help users find their gate and restaurant options along the way, to large format advertising displays; Acquire has a solution for the application.

    A suite of tools with endless

    Possibilities & deployment options

    Wayfinding Directory SmartHub

    A better way for travelers to navigate and find what they need along the way. With millions of people traveling daily, airports and transportation facilities help move the world. Even the best transportation hubs can be hard to navigate and managed effectively. Interactive and digital signage solutions help drive these centers.

    Departure, Arrival, & Advertising Displays

    Visitors expect convenience in airports, and they expect a quick way to see updated travel information. Using Acquire, you can easily display real-time flight, bus, and train expected departure and arrival times, gate changes, and important announcements and advertisements.

    Self-service Check-in and Ticketing Kiosks

    Take self-service to the next level with custom check-in applications that integrate to the systems you already use. Includes the ability to accept payment and handoff to mobile devices to improve wait times and the visitor experience.

    Large Format Signage and Video Walls

    Deploy and manage large format signage with ease using our native or web-based digital signage playout applications. Using our easy drag and drop editor, our solutions allow you to create, edit, and upload high-definition content on the go. Includes full high-definition playback with the ability to synchronize content across an unlimited number of displays.

    Quick Service Food Ordering and Menu Board Solutions

    Improve quick-service efficiencies with food ordering kiosks to place orders on the go. With the ability to connect to multiple QSR backend systems, Acquire can design and build a seem less ordering solution that accepts payment and immediately sends the order for fulfillment. Easily synchronize content from the ordering kiosk to dynamic digital menu displays for complete control.

    DOOH Advertising and Promotional Displays

    Have you ever wondered how you can drive revenue through digital signage? We can help with multiple solutions tailored towards advertising for airport environments. With pre-built integrations to the best dynamic DOOH advertising platforms, our solutions can create a digital ad program with content that improves the experience and drives revenue. Allows for scheduling and playout of programmatic and local advertisements.

    Flexible endpoints built for

    The transportation industry

    On-Premise Interactive or Digital Signage

    Our native application built for the airport and transportation sectors includes interactive kiosks, large format signage, flight boards, check-in kiosks, advertising displays, and other self-service applications. Easily control and manage all signage remotely.

    Mobile Website or Application

    The Wayfinder Mapping API can be used within a mobile website, as a standalone mobile webpage, or within a mobile application. It is designed to allow passangers to take fully interactive functions and mapping with them as they navigate your facility.111


    Our fully responsive API solution can easily integrate with your existing airport or transportation center website. Full interactive capabilities include the ability to zoom, rotate, and search for gates, dining options, and retail options. Allows for full analytic capture to better understand what users are searching for.

    Featured Solution - Smarthub Wayfinder

    SmartHubs are digital information hubs that play a vital role in enabling transportation facilities and airports an efficient way for passengers to find important flight details, concessions information, and navigate complex spaces.

    Digital directories redefined

    • Allows visitors to scan boarding pass to view real-time transit data, security wait times, and onward highlighted route wayfinding to the gate
    • Ability to upload and playout photos, videos, and graphics to engage visitors
    • Display and search for restaurants, retail, and attractions

    Features that enhance the visitor experience

    • Ability to integrate to real-time FIDS data and transportation feeds for automatic departure and arrivals updates
    • Two-way video customer service and the ability to show real-time safety alerts
    • ADA accessible and multi-language capabilities built for all visitors
    • Drive revenue with built-in advertising capabilities to local and national ad platforms​

    Intelligent Wayfinding

    • Easily hand-off to mobile devices to take the directory and wayfinding experience on-the-go
    • Intelligent wayfinding and mapping designed with flexible options to drive traffic based on closures and ADA requirements
    • Highlighted route wayfinding to selected end location for easy navigation in complex spaces
    • Synchronization of multiple displays to drive traffic to retail and concessions during flight delays

    Integrations built

    For the Transportation industry

    Designed with many pre-programmed integrations you already use for a unified experience across multiple platforms and solutions.

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    Products Used

    • Wayfinder CMS Wayfinding

    • Editor Digital Signage

    • Watchdog Remote Tools

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