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Digital signage and self-service solutions tailored towards the public sector effectively improves public and employee communication touch-points.

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    Digital innovations designed for the future of public sector applications

    Our family of purpose-built digital solutions tailored towards government facilities can help.

    The digital solutions of tomorrow start with interactive signage that leverages automated and sensor-based services to improve public communication and services. Government buildings such as courthouses, city buildings, military campuses, and endless others can improve efficiencies and capabilities by implementing a good digital signage strategy.

    Acquire provides a wide range of digital solutions tailored towards government facilities and public services. On-demand self-service tools that integrate seamlessly into the systems you already use allows for easy digital signage, bill-pay, digital directories, and wayfinding deployments. Real-time information can be pushed out at a moment’s notice across an interconnected network of digital screens. In the event of an emergency, screen overrides get emergency notifications out to the public quickly.

    Endless possibilities

    and deployment options

    Digital Directories

    A simple way to improve the way you share information with employees and visitors. Public sector digital directories provide unlimited building directory listings with location, amenity, people, and category search options.

    Interactive Wayfinding

    Custom mapping and wayfinding solution designed to help employees and visitors navigate complex public sector buildings. For use within your current website, mobile application, or interactive kiosks located around the property.

    Bill-Pay & Self-Service

    Bill-pay and self-service kiosks can provide additional touch-points to make court or utility payments. Self-service kiosk applications can be used to provide visitors with the information they need before scheduling an appointment, such as required documents or authorization information. For many tasks, these interactive digital kiosks can even replace the need for a receptionist or additional staff.

    Court Docket Scheduling Signage

    Keep visitors up to date with court docket signage to display real-time court schedules, court times, and locations. Easily update content remotely or connect to your scheduling system to provide automatic real-time updating.

    Informational Digital Signage

    Informational and digital signage solutions are great additions to improve important communications throughout your facilities. Acquire's digital signage solutions allow for easy playout and scheduling of any type of content across your signage network.

    Temperature Reading & Footfall Applications

    Acquire provides the ability to measure visitors' temperature to safely confirm they are within the safe range to enter the facility. For facilities that can only have a certain number of people inside at any given time, it can act as a footfall to let visitors know when it is safe to enter.

    Flexible endpoints built for

    the public sector

    On-Premise Interactive or Digital Signage

    Our native application built for the public sectors includes interactive kiosks, large format signage, directories, custom wayfinding, check-in kiosks, advertising displays, and other self-service applications. Easily control and manage all signage remotely.

    Mobile Website or Application

    The Wayfinder Mapping API can be used within a mobile website, as a standalone mobile webpage, or within a mobile application. It is designed to allow visitors to take fully interactive functions and mapping with them as they navigate your facility.


    Our fully responsive API solution can easily integrate with your existing public sector website. Full interactive capabilities include the ability to zoom, rotate, and search for important end destinations. Allows for full analytic capture to better understand what users are searching for.

    Integrations built for

    the systems you already use

    Designed with many pre-programmed integrations to the systems you already use for a unified experience across multiple platforms and solutions.

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