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Interactive DOOH Advertising, Gamification & Photo-booth

Increase engagement and usage on large format touch-screen kiosks with the use of interactive DOOH advertising and gamification, sponsored games, or VR photo-booth solutions

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Enhanced solutions that drive self-service engagement

Stand out from the crowd with interactive ads, sponsored games, or photo-booth solutions tailored towards driving engagement.

Immersive Interactive Content with Interactive DOOH Advertising & Gamification

Immersive interactive content

Installing interactive self-service displays accomplish very little unless your visitors are using and engaging with them. We’ve created a variety of interactive content pieces for advertising, gaming, or photo applications to improve engagement with your target audience.

The fully branded, immersive content includes the tools needed to complement and enhance marketing campaigns, events, competitions, and more. Our experienced team will work to ensure your creative assets and vision are realized, by working directly with you or your own digital agency.

Interactive DOOH Advertising & Gamification Touchscreen for Retailers


Acquire’s pre-built catelog of interactive games can be tailored towards your brand or sponsor to drive engagement and capture important analytics.

  • Increase engagement – Large format interactive games increase kiosk directory usage
  • Expand Customer Reach – Incentives such as tokens, badges and offers encourage consumers to share game results with social networks
  • Sponsorship Capabilities – Ability to sell higher cost DOOH sponsorships with pre-built games

Interactive DOOH Advertising

Improve static advertisements with applications that encourage users to engage with brands for a personalized and intimate experience.

  • Build brand awareness – Content becomes more meaningful to shoppers when they have a closer connection to brands
  • Higher ROI – Interactive advertisements a higher return than traditional DOOH advertisements
  • Better Analytics – Interactive advertising provides great insights and analytics around engagement
Interactive DOOH Advertising & Gamification
Virtual Reality Photo-Booth and Interactive DOOH Advertising & Gamification

Virtual Reality Photo-Booth

Acquire’s VR photo-booth solutions can be added to any digital signage deployment to improve social engagement.

  • Pose with celebrities – Using VR technology, visitors can get their photo taken with their favorite celebrity or athelete
  • Increase social engagement – Allows for photos to be shared or sent to their mobile device via text or e-mail
  • Easy deployments – Our out-of-the-box solution can easily be deployed on any touch-screen display with a web camera

Advanced analytics tools

tailored for advertisers

Advanced DOOH Advertising & Gamification analytics tools and content manager
  • Comprehensive suite of analytics for proof-of-play and engagement statistics for interactive advertisements
  • Track demographics statistics to engagement
  • Ability to link to social media campaigns for increased reach outside of the kiosk application
  • Simultaneously schedule and manage multiple displays and campaigns using Acquire DOOHAd CMS tailored towards digital advertisers
  • Ability to brand and sell sponsorships on a library of interactive games built for large format displays

Recommended Hardware

Hardware and kiosk options tailored for digital advertising deployments

Wall-Mount Display

Outdoor Large Format Kiosk

Indoor Large Format Kiosk



Higher ROI

Interactive ads or sponsorships typically bring in more ad revenue than static ads or videos.

Improved engagement

Typically, OOH advertisers don't always know if someone sees their ad. The purpose of interactive ads is to get visitors to engage by touching the screen.

Better analytics

Acquire's backend CMS provides detailed analytics around engagement and what users are drawn to when touching the display.
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