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Escape Rooms Go Virtual: How We Are Boosting Employee Engagement



We’ve been ensuring our colleagues don’t feel isolated over the last few months with a range of activities and initiatives and our latest employee engagement activity went down a storm on Friday.

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Thanks to our Technical Director, Rob, who decided to unleash his ‘Virtual Escape Room’ on the team. The ‘Sapphire Project’ was a fantastic way to bring the team together virtually for a little problem solving and teamwork. For some though, the thought of being locked in with certain members of the team or indeed every actually escaping meant the jokes and laughs were a plenty!

Individuals were placed into 3 virtual teams and worked together to ‘escape’. Well done to everyone who took part, and of course the winning team, Tom, Ashley, Lewis, Sam and Abbey.

Feedback from the team included…

“It was something different, engaging and really good fun, which is something that we all need right now. Getting to work in different teams really made it enjoyable and fun” – Matt

“During Lockdown when team fun events can rarely happen, this was a much welcomed break from the norm, the perfect way to put the team in an upbeat mood for the weekend” – Julia

“A creative and different way of engaging the team and bringing them together, thanks for organising Rob” – Tina

You can try it out yourself, find out more details here: