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Endless Aisle

Endless Aisle Digital Signage works as digital touchpoints to improve product awareness and the omnichannel shopping experience for retailers.

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Engage shoppers with digital solutions at the point of purchase

Improve messaging and interaction with interactive and digital signage located at the point of purchase or on the product shelf.

Endless aisle kiosk

Let’s face it, the retail and shopping experience is changing at lightning-fast speeds to keep up with changing consumer habits and technology innovations. Nowadays, everything we want is at our fingertips, whether it’s groceries, new shoes, or a new car. We no longer need to visit a store; our devices and other technology advancements are our outlets. As consumers, we have tons of options to buy products regardless of if it’s online, offline, or a combination of both.

To help bridge the gap, Acquire provides many digital tools to improve the in-store digital footprint with the ability to create and playout immersive content on interactive displays or digital signage located at the point of purchase.

Endless aisle digital signage

Custom interactive endless aisle signage

Acquire’s custom endless aisle solutions provide an additional touch-point to view product information, deals, and additional online inventory.

  • Custom user-interface built around your products and branding
  • Integration ability to your inventory management system to automatically update product availability
  • Extend to a users mobile device for ship-to-home or to view additional online inventory

Sponsored product experiences

Acquire’s custom retailer solutions can incorporate various sponsorship opportunities to improve product awareness with fun content intended to increase sales.

  • Ability to recommend products based upon desired recipes or activities
  • Personalize the shopping experience without having additional staff onsite
  • Dynamic wayfinding to assist shoppers with finding products on the shelves
Walmart retail endless aisle digital signage software to improve product awareness for retailers
retail endcap digital signage

Endcap and digital signage

Use Acquire’s playlist management tools to schedule and playout content across multiple display sizes and types.

  • Dynamic content that automatically updates based upon factors like the weather or time of day
  • Built for endcap or point of purchase static signage
  • Improve dynamic messaging to increase brand awareness and sponsorships

Remote content management and a detailed

analytic platform to track shopper usage and demographics

quick self service ordering kiosks and restaurant menu displays
  • Remotely update content, inventory, and pricing at the local or national level
  • Generate product listings and promotions for self-service kiosks
  • Automatically update product pricing with the ability to connect to inventory management and planogram systems
  • Easily create playlists and schedule content across multiple displays and store locations
  • Collect usage and product data on interactive applications or demographic information for static signage

Recommended Hardware

Advantage Interactive Kiosk

Endcap Header Display

Indoor Large Format Kiosk



Save time and money

Our customers save time and money since they can update content remotely. Digital solutions can change quickly compared to having to build out new signage based upon a new promotion.

Flexible deployment options

Ability to rollout to interactive/touch applications as a way for shoppers to view additional product options or as a sales tool. Or rollout out to static fixture displays to engage shoppers throughout the store.

Easy to use playout tools

Our backend portal provides easy-to-use interfaces that allow users to update content remotely at the local or national level.
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