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A market leading solution, expanding the capabilities of what’s possible with digital signage

Acquire Editor is a powerful tool designed for complex digital signage installations, allowing screenfuls of content to be designed, positioned, and configured. This allows hundreds of plugins to enable interaction, triggering, and connectivity.

    As well as the layout tool, complex playout schedules can be planned and configured, allowing users to assign content to the estate of players in the network.

digital signage design tools

Create Media Rich Content

Create slideshows, scrolling RSS, social feeds, animations, and more with built-in visual design tools:

  • Ability to playout multiple sources of 4K content, triggered and interactive content, live transformed into hundreds of playout zones, transparent overlaid videos, and synchronized across multiple players
  • Ability to connect to multiple APIs and other systems

Screen Designer

A dynamic WYSIWYG page designer. You can easily layer and organize hundreds of media-rich content:

  • A simple drag and drop UI enables you to easily layer and organize hundreds of content inputs effectively
  • Create content centrally and deploy globally. Effectively distribution of tailored geographical or venue specific content
digital signage designer
digital playout

Intelligent Scheduling

Make sure your content is playing when you want it. Use our flexible and sophisticated scheduling tool to manage content by date, day, and time:

  • Smart scheduling allows you to schedule content for when it’s raining outside or to enhance a promotion or event
  • Create content centrally and deploy globally. Effectively distribution of tailored geographical or venue-specific content

Build centrally, deploy globally with

remote design & management tools

digital signage creator

    Once you've built your pages and decided on your schedule, the next step is to distribute this to your screens. We've kept this simple, deploy using either:

    • Your own network (P2P)
    • Via USB Flash Drive
    • Content delivery cloud, we call this PLUS! Network

    Intelligent Management:

    • Remote management toolset, you can see the vitals, making sure everything is running smoothly
    • Automatically informs you of any problems that occur, the intelligent alerting warns you of any issues, so you don't miss anything
    • Optional site licence available for multi-user editing

Recommended Hardware

Acquire systems can play out on any type and size of display. We recommend media players based upon the type of content being played out.

Seneca XK-QUAD Media Player

Seneca HDN Media Player

Wall-mount Horizontal Kiosk



Feature Rich

Built-in features to manage large signage networks with complicated requirements.

Add-Ons and Integrations

Choose from over 80 add-ons offering multiple integrations to create the right solution for you.

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Gather data and create advanced reports to understand engagement.
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