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Enhance your tradeshow experience with digital products tailored towards engagement and product showcases.

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    The digital signage toolset for tradeshow experiences

    Solutions that Improve the visual experience for large format signage, product showcases, convention centers, booth and tradeshow navigation, and much more!

    Making an impression is key for any convention centers or tradeshow booth. Dynamic, eye-catching digital signage demands attention and delivers messages effectively at a glance. It provides an engaging opportunity to impress your audience — something invaluable for the occasion.

    Acquires suite of digital tools tailored towards tradeshows, convention centers, and booth design include solutions that help customers design and manage large format signage, show wayfinding, booth tours, and lead collection, and countless other digital signage experiences.

    A suite of tools with endless

    possibilities & deployment options

    Tradeshow Wayfinding & Directory

    As tradeshows grow and attract larger audiences, they can become overwhelming and hard for attendees to find what they are looking for. Digital directory and show wayfinding can help users find important information and get turn-by-turn directions to end locations. Our route planner can help visitors plan their experiences before they arrive at the show.

    Product & Booth Wayfinder

    Provide better booth and product tours with 3D booth and product tours that show off your booth in a way that engages visitors and increases booth traffic. An interactive 3D booth or product model provides an engaging way to showcase your solutions in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd.

    Check-In Kiosk & Lead Capture

    For large tradeshows, the ability to make appointments and lead capture is more important than ever. Acquire's check-in and lead capture solutions improve visitor flow and ensure you don't miss any important appointments. Using a custom application, visitors can sign-up for booth tours and captures leads on the backend.

    Informational & Digital Signage

    Informational and digital signage solutions are more important than ever for tradeshows and booth communications. Informational signage provides key information and adds context to the parts of your tradeshow that you want to enhance. Digital signage for convention centers from Acquire Digital is guaranteed to draw attention and provide the utility to make a major impact.

    Gamification & Photo Applications

    Interactive photo booth applications increase engagement and social media attention. Sponsored games on your digital signage let visitors have a little fun with your digital screens, making the event more enjoyable for everyone.

    Video Wall Solutions

    Video walls are some of the best ways to support your brand, wow visitors with a giant, imposing digital screen, and garner interest in your offerings. Passersby will be drawn to your booth by visual elements that spark interest and draw them in. Improve engagement with the ability to turn video wall displays into large touch screens.

    Flexible endpoints built for

    tradeshows & booth experiences

    On-Premise Interactive or Digital Signage

    Our native applications built for conference centers and tradeshows includes interactive kiosks, large format signage, check-in kiosks, advertising displays, and other self-service applications. Easily control and manage all signage remotely.

    Mobile Website or Application

    The Wayfinder Mapping API can be used within a mobile website, as a standalone mobile webpage, or within a mobile application. It is designed to work within tradeshow websites or mobile applications for visitors to navigate large and complex shows from their mobile devices.


    Our fully responsive API solution can easily integrate with your existing tradeshow and conference center website. Full interactive capabilities include the ability to zoom, rotate, and search for booths, and dining and retail options. Allows for full analytic capture to better understand what users are searching for.

    Featured Use Cases

    Digital solutions tailored towards driving traffic and enhancing the visitor experience

    Show directory & wayfinding

    • Custom 3D mapping for interactive signage and mobile devices that help attendees navigate tradeshows
    • Interactive mapping makes it easy to find key destinations quickly
    • Create once and use for multiple shows by editing end locations within the Wayfinder CMS

    Interactive Booth Rendering

    • Bring your booth to life with interactive designs that allow users to view in-depth product information
    • Fun way to engage users for virtual tradeshows
    • Designed for use within a touch-screen or web deployments


    • Enhance marketing campaigns, events, competitions and more, through fully branded fun immersive content
    • Build brand awareness with off-the-shelf sponsored games
    • Expand customer reach with incentives such as tokens, badges, and offers encourage consumers to share their games with social networks

    Integrations to the

    systems you already use

    Designed with many pre-programmed integrations for a unified experience across multiple platforms

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