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CEO, Neil Farr shares his thoughts on the future



We’ve all felt the impact of COVID-19 over the last few months and no doubt this impact will continue into the foreseeable future. To presume that the industry will experience a sudden leap back to the point we were 6 months ago would be a dangerous one.

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One presumption that’s not so dangerous though, is the fact that has we do start to see things slowly picking up pace, our innovative software solutions will be in demand more than ever. As individuals, business and governments around the world continue to learn, share, update and inform, there is a need for creative reactive and effective digital signage. The demand for touch-less solutions for interactive kiosks, offering more digital interaction and less human contact will provide a huge market for companies like Acquire to continue to innovate and respond to the new needs of clients.

We’ve been working hard with our internal team of designers and developers as well as our clients and partners in an effort to ensure that our solutions and products, provide the additional features that will be required as we move towards business working out what a ‘New Normal’ will look like.

New social distancing measures will mean that features like our ‘Remote Assistance’, ‘Voice Activation’ and ‘Mobile Hand-off’, offer alternatives to face to face customer service. Enabling customers to, purchase tickets, ask questions, make bookings, etc. Resulting in the ability to have staff working from home or remotely, and continue to deliver top quality customer service.

For those members of the public who will be less reluctant to touch interactive kiosks and ordering systems, our ‘Motion Detectors’ now provide the ability to control screens through gestures and hand movements or even your mobile phone, removing the requirement to physically touch.

It’s features like these that will provide new ways of engaging individuals, that build confidence and understanding in the role digital technology plays and has on the world.