Interactive Kiosk Application Demonstrates Transition Lenses within Transitions Stores

The Problem

We were commissioned to create an interactive kiosk application to enable customers of Optical Express and Pearle Opticians to discover the benefits of Transitions lenses first hand, in stores located throughout the UK and in the Netherlands

Our Solution

An interactive simulator allowed customers to see the effect of the Transitions lenses in a range of typical locations and varying light conditions, a valuable sales tool for staff in-store. To ensure that the system was customer friendly, Sector Design created a kiosk housing featuring a height-adjustable screen and camera. The Acquire application also included a screensaver for use at sites unsuitable for a kiosk installation.


  • Providing much needed sales advice to both customers and staff about Transitions.
  • User friendly designs.
  • Scope to advance project to utilise virtual mirror functionality and SMS service.
  • Transformed the in-store customer experience.
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