First Digital Signage Equipped Travel Agency in Germany uses Acquire Technology

The Problem were keen to stake a claim as the first digital signage equipped travel agent in Germany.

Acquire was commissioned to put together the content, create a video wall and provide synchronized screen functionality. It was an extremely ambitious brief with a very tight deadline.

Our Solution

Acquire’s page-based ‘foreground/background‘ design function enabled users to mask parts of the screen. This was a very quick and powerful way to build up page templates, which all displays in-store used. There were four displays in a two-by-two matrix set up as a video wall.

Acquire built-in functionality to create a single image, four smaller images, or synchronized play-out over each display. There were also two large LCD displays on the right side and six at the back of the store. All these displays were showing different content but at predetermined moments, they would synchronize displays to show the same image. The frame-perfect synchronization is another of Acquire’s advanced features.


  • Acquire Foreground/ Background functions, allowed for quick yet powerful template build.
  • Rolled-out to 200 stores with additional 250 redesigned.
  • Plays a synchronised flow of images and videos across six large display screens.
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